Grasses – for Gardens and Landscapes

  • Post published:06/18/2023
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Grasses for Gardens and Landscapes

This book by Neil Lucas has opened up a whole world for me.  I don’t think I ever looked at grass as anything beyond mowing the lawn. But this book has opened my eyes. I didn’t think of rain gardens as an important “garden” until a new local building arranged for small vegetable gardens with some deeper water spots that would save  heavy rains. I didn’t know there was Miscanthus or Feather Reed Grass.  I didn’t know about beautiful  Penniestum grass. But Neil is giving me a chance to learn a lot about Grasses. (more…)

Flowers of Many Shades and Sizes

  • Post published:06/09/2023
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Alchemist Rose

Spring has finally arrived with the beautiful flowers in the Garden.  We begin with the Rose Bed. The Alchemist rose was bred by Benjamin Cant & Sons in1973.  There is a blend of coppery shades and apricot with fragrant flowers. It is about 5 feet tall. (more…)

Cynthia’s Bees – Mason Bees and Leaf-Cutter Bees

  • Post published:06/02/2023
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Bee House

There is a lot of talk about honey bees in our part of town, but there are 4000 types of bees in the United States. Our friend Cynthia has been working with  two of those bee families – Mason bees and Leaf-cutters. Both of these bees are solitary bees.  Those bees are living on her porch, where my husband and I got to learn something about these bees. (more…)

We Were Not Singing in the Rain!

  • Post published:04/24/2023
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Rain in our garden

It had been raining, lots of rain,  for 24 hours.  Please notice that we  have managed to keep most of the garden plants out of the water.  Ever since we started our garden we have been bringing good Martin’s Soil home to create raised beds that make it possible to have flowers and shrubs. (more…)