My Daffodils Are Beginning to Grow

  • Post published:01/29/2024
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Daffodils beginning

In the fall I dug up some of the daffodils in my Flower Garden. I was surprised how many bulbs were increasing. I have chosen white daffodils with just a little yellow. I’ve grown them for 4 or 5 years and now they are really growing in clumps – and they are getting crowded.

Daffodils together

This year I dug up a fair amount of daffodil roots in the fall and left them in a bag in my cold basement. I realized I could see green daffodil beginnings.  I gave some of the tiny beginnings away to the Garden Clubbers. Then I saw that many of the roots were sending up shoots. Last week I planted some of the green shoots in pots and brought them upstairs, and set them on windowsills. They seem to be showing off a little bit now, and I am eager to watch them grow.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Exciting! I’m looking forward to scouting around the garden to see what has been starting under the snow…

  2. Pat

    I cannot see any plants under my rain/snow/rain – but I am happy to see daffodil shoots coming up in pots.

  3. Pat

    Robin – It is working. I’m so happy.

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