Surprise Snow and Cakes

  • Post published:03/04/2023
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Early morning snow

When we went to bed we knew there would be snow in the morning, but when I went into the kitchen to make my early morning coffee I did not expect this kind of beauty.  It was still snowing lightly but the trees and shrubs were heavy with the wet snow.  (more…)

Gardening Together Again!

  • Post published:03/02/2023
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Our garden on February 25, 2023  – the view won’t last long now.

The Spring Gardening Symposium is back at last!  I hope to see a happy crowd of gardeners at the Frontier Regional High School in South Deerfield on April 1 at 8:45 am. The Registration is $40. Register online (extra service applies) at WMMAGA.ORG or by mail. (more…)

The Doctrine of Signatures

  • Post published:02/25/2023
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MARIGOLDS that grow in my garden every year

Marigolds are one of the standbys in my garden. They are so bright and long blooming. And now I know that marigolds are useful for weak eyes! There are many mysteries in the garden.

Wood sorrel is surely the Herb for the heart –
Its leaves are all heart shaped resembling that part! (more…)

Witch-Hazels or Hamamelis – Spring Is Coming!

  • Post published:02/23/2023
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Hamamelis virginiana

There was a time when I never imagined that flowers grew in the winter. But now I love visiting golden witch hazel (mostly) flowers in early February. There are about 12 types of witch hazels, but even so, there are more types of color in these shrubs.  I am not sure of the name of this shaggy yellow blossom, but I think it is Hamamelis virginiana.


Double Double Egg Yolks for Healthy Breakfasts

  • Post published:02/20/2023
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Double double eggs

Usually, over many hundreds of eggs for breakfast, I lay out one egg for my husband, and one for me. But lately, I crack  one egg – and lo, there are two egg yolks!  Another day or two passes with one egg for each of us and then – TWO egg yolks for both of us.  Thank you Diemand Eggs!i

Demand must have really healthy chickens!  During my years with lots of chickens in Heath I occasionally had a double egg, but this has been outstanding. Thank you Diemand Farm! (more…)

Valley Gardens: Selected Columns by Sherry Wilson

  • Post published:02/18/2023
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The sun is shining today and I have just talked to Sherry Wilson, a wonderful woman I have known for years. I know that readers of gardens were always eager for the weekly garden story.

Sherry put out great newspaper stories over years about gardens and the many kinds of plants and gardeners that she has visited and worked with. She has interviewed skilled people like Doug Tallamy who is one of my own great favorites. (more…)