Time for Dahlias

  • Post published:05/27/2024
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Me and Flower-Tone

I finally paid attention to the dahlia roots  that  I had kept in a paper bag in the basement all winter. This was my first time of being familiar with dahlias. Now I am going to learn how to handle these roots. I was happy to find Flower-Tone at the Greenfield Farmer’s Coop. (more…)

Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour!

  • Post published:05/23/2024
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Flowers in the Garden

This morning I walked through the garden to see what flowers I could bring to our friends, BJ and Dan. As I began I was  a little alarmed but I walked. And I did find a few lovely things. I do like the tall viburnum with  its lacy flower, and as I strolled I also found golden Geum, Bleeding Heart. primrose, and Icelandic poppy. There will be more. (more…)

Golden Flowers in My Garden

  • Post published:05/07/2024
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Wood Poppy

There has been so much  sun recently that I must show off the early flowers of gold. This is the Wood Poppy that sits on our Hugle where it shows off its gold. I will talk about the use of a Hugle very soon. (more…)

Finding Beauty in a Woodland

  • Post published:04/27/2024
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Lots of work

I hope many people heard about Wisty Rorabacher and her restoration work at the Green River swimming area in Greenfield. Here she was showing me how to kill  bad invasive plants and help beautiful local plants. The invasive Japanese Knotweed can get very large, and Wisty helped show me, and my husband, how to get rid of those. It takes a lot of time. (more…)