Flowers – Flat or Straight

  • Post published:05/30/2024
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The storm and heavy rains have crushed many of the flowers in our garden, but fortunately Foxglove has been standing high and brave.

Carefree Beauty

This rose, Carefree Beauty, is a member of our Rose Garden and she is holding up pretty well, and we expect that she will  raise all her heads very soon again.

Flattened Geum

Geum flowers are among my favorites, and I was astonished in the morning to see that the Geum flowers were beaten to the ground.

Yellow Twig

How can this happen. So many flowers,  small and large.  I was not able to put the bowing branches back in place, but I have hopes that we will soon be able to see them in place.

Flooded Path

This was a wild storm and the flood has pushed the water along for many hours. That explains most of the photos. Even so, I can show you one beautiful surprise.


Earlier this year a tree fell down over my fence, and men came to cut them up and took away most of the wood. Not long after the clearing of everything the rains arrived. Happily primroses are an amazing flower. In the very early spring I started to watch that the tiny baby primroses rose from below the waters very slowly.  Eventually the waters disappeared and the primroses stood tall. The land did dry up a little and was very happy – and then the big rains came again. No matter! They continue to please me every day.

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  1. Emily

    I love to see your garden and think of you whenever I see a beautiful bloom here in the city.

  2. betsyr19

    You did get a lot of rain. Many of my bearded iris have fallen over too. I hope your flowers will recover quickly with some sun. The primrose’s are beautiful!

  3. Wow, those Primroses are incredible…and the Foxgloves and the Roses. I didn’t realize the Geums would be affected like that. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, too, and it’s fascinating to see which plants and blooms stand tall in spite of the torrent.

  4. Robin Ruff Leja

    Goodness, I hope some of that excess rain drained away by now. And here I’m begging for the stuff! I also have a fondness for primrose, although I don’t have a suitable location for it here.

  5. Pat

    Robin – Yes, the rain did leave, but I just heard that there may be
    another rain storm that may fill the water again. And I just noticed a small (very small) group of more of those tiny plants. Keep watching.

  6. Pat

    Beth – Those primroses are a surprise to me. The space is dry now, but I just found I have a tiny! group of primroses – and rain is coming again!

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