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About Pat

We spent 35 years living on 60 acres up the hill in Heath, Massachusetts. At the higher elevations the weather could be pretty exciting. You will see some of those years documented here on the commonweeder blog. However, after 35 years we were older and decided that we could have flowers and shrubs and even berries if we lived down the hill in the lively metropolis of Greenfield, where my husband Henry and I met in 1971.

We left Heath, moved to town, and have been transforming lawn into a pollinator garden that focuses on shrubs and other plants that like water. Our yard is very wet. We continue to have fun in the garden, and enjoy the benefits of town life like a nearby grocery store and a walk to Main Street where we can have just about everything we want and need.

When not gardening I’m visiting with gardeners, writing about gardening, gardeners, the environment, and books  — or reading.

My weekly column, Between the Rows, for The Recorder in Greenfield has appeared since 1980. I’ve recently been publishing them on this website with the original publication date. Each is categorized by Between the Rows. I’ve also written for other garden publications and I’m a member of the Garden Communictors of America (GWA).