Rory Knows About Plants!

  • Post published:07/06/2024
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Rory’s Plant

Rory is our grandson  and he knows about plants like this Chinese Money Plant.


I did not think this pot had holes in the bottom, but apparently there was a tiny hole – and Rory’s plant gave us a surprise!

Sider Baby Roots

Last year we were given a beautiful hanging pot of flowers by Diane, Rory’s Mom. In the late fall all the flowers died, but the Spider and her Babies are still living.  We had been keeping some babies in the water – and we can now see that the babies are starting to grow roots. Rory said that can be put  in water for a week or so, and we can see new plants arriving.

Spider Babies

We are quite surprised by the number of babies that are growing and growing.  I am planning to put some of those babies in new soil and watch how they grow.

Rory and His Plants

Rory has moved to a new neighborhood. You can see he likes plants of many kinds. I hope you can see the large Chinese Money Plant on the left side of the balcony.

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  1. betsyr19

    Rory knows all about plants! He amazes me. Taking it to another level.

  2. Pat

    Betsy – I can tell you he is quite a lad – and working at the hospital.

  3. Pat

    Emily – Rory is a great young man. He is working at the hospital, and getting better and better.

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