Inauguration Day

  • Post published:12/06/2007
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Am I too old (at 67) to Blog? We’ll find out, but in any event I thought that the Feast of Saint Nicholas would be the perfect day to inaugurate my blog. There isn’t anything going on in the garden outside so when the temperature is only 7 degrees above 0, as it was this morning, my only gardening desire is in books. I just picked up my old copy of Green Thoughts: A Writer in the Garden by Eleanor Perenyi. I’ve seen mention of this wonderful book which wanders through her garden and the gardens of history and literature from A to Z in several blogs lately and was reminded of its delights.

The J listing was James vs Benson, and if Eleanor Perenyi is new to younger gardeners it is even more likely that they are unfamiliar with E.F. Benson and his books about Lucia and Mapp, and his humorous description of British country life life in the 1920s through the eyes of two outrageous ladies. Lucia and Mapp are another whole story (5 volumes actually) and I wouldn’t mention them here except that Perenyi has found descriptions of the same garden by Henry James and E.F. Benson. Both men lived in the same house, Benson after James, had the same outdoor space and very different views. Gardening is all bout indulging our different views, but Benson got so much more pleasure out of his.

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  1. Bare Bones Gardener

    Hey, and welcome to our gaggle of garden bloggers

  2. Anthony - the programmer

    Grandson here – Anthony – from programmer to blogger, I personally say, it is going to be fun seeing what’s happening in your life in Heath. Good Luck!

  3. Martha

    Hi –
    Like you, I’m in my 60’s and have lived a full professional life. For the past 2.5 years I have written a weekly garden column for the local newspaper and for 1.5 years a gardening blog for our part of the world.
    Welcome to garden blogging. I subscribed to yous.
    Martha aka Molly Day

  4. Kathy

    I watched it get down to 0F this morning myself. That’s what happens when you get up before the sun rises (admittedly not that hard to do this close to the winter solstice)–you get to watch the temperature go down before it goes up again.

    Thanks for stopping by Cold Climate Gardening and sharing your new ambition. As a long time reader of Horticulture and a some time contributor myself, I’m curious to know your true identity–but, of course, you don’t have to tell. How wonderful that a town of 2000 has a public library at all.

  5. Larch Hill

    This is going to be the blog to watch! I have a sense I’ll be enlightened regularly, entertained always, put at ease about my own gardening failures, and elated when recognizing that even I have a rare success among the weeds.

  6. CommonWeeder

    I am thrilled to see so many welcoming comments including from my 10 year old grandson who is learning to program in Java.

    And Kathy, my true identity is Pat Leuchtman and my Horticulture credit is pretty old, but I think I will have a new one soon. I very much enjoyed your piece about campanulas and will be watching for more.

  7. No Rain

    Welcome to the world of garden blogging. It is We are about the same age, and I really enjoy blogging about my garden and reading about others’ garden activities. I think I’m a frustrated teacher at heart!
    Good luck,

  8. KOG

    Dear, dear Pat,

    What a delight this is. I have several friends who are passionate about gardening & they’ll be thrilled to hear about your blog and its links.

    Take a bow!

  9. Wicked Gardener

    To old to blog? Are you too old write? Are you too old to garden? Then you aren’t too old to blog. Both gardening and computers are ways to link us all, regardless of age. I see your grandson – the programmer – likes to check in on you. I know my grandmother likes visiting my blog and see my house she has been unable to visit. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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