My Blogaversary Giveaway

Now that Thanksgiving has been celebrated in riotous style (23 for dinner!) it is time to move on to the next celebration.

On December 6, 2007 I asked myself the question, as posed by another blog, whether I was too old to blog. The only way to find out was to begin the, and I guess the answer is no, because I am still standing. Or kneeling, bending, stretching, digging, weeding, in the garden and sitting at the computer.

To help me celebrate this blogoversary two companies are giving YOU a present.  My very premiere post, coming during a very wintery season, was about a book, Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi. The particular section was about the approach of two very different gardeners, E.F. Benson and Henry James to the same garden. I have written about many books since then including excellent volumes by Storey Publications who has given me The Perennial Care Manual, the newest book by our sister blogger Nan Ondra to Giveaway. I challenge you to come up with a question that Nan doesn’t answer in this useful and beautiful book with photos by Rob Cardillo.


IN ADDITION! Liquid Fence is giving away two sets of CowPots. There is a box of 3 inch CowPots, and a box of 4 inch Cowpots that will give an extra boost to seed starting in the spring.  You see the number two is key in all these gifts. CowPots are a way to get our plants off to a good start, and avoid transplant shock because the seedling in its CowPot goes right into the garden where it will continue to nourish the seedling with its composted cow manure. Unlike peat pots, CowPots are made from an ever renewable resource!

Just leave a comment here and tell me what garden book you have most enjoyed or found especially useful OR the best seed starting tip you ever got.  On my blogoversary, December 6, I will draw the winning name. Once I have the winner’s home address I will put the book and CowPots in the mail. Then I will also announce a second Giveaway for the following week. A different book, and more CowPots.

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  1. Tinky

    I don’t actually read a lot of gardening books or have tips (so you don’t have to enter me in the drawing). BUT I did want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, PAT!

  2. Mattenylou

    Congratulations on two years! My old standby, and I mean old, is a book my parents gave me when I first started gardening – Crockett’s Victory Garden. I still have that old TimeLife ten volume set by him, too, that I always refer too. I’ve collected a lot of gardening books over the years, but for basic answers, I always count on Jim Crockett… RIP.

  3. admin

    Tinky – Thanks for the good wishes.
    Mattenylou – I still have Crockett’s books too, and know he is a man I could count on. You’re in the drawing.

  4. Carol

    Happy Blogoversary Pat! You have coined a new word. Many Many happy returns. You do not have to put me in the drawing either… just wanted to add my congrats! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving … sounds like you did! All Best, Carol

  5. Frances

    A most happy blogaversary, Pat! Out of many gardening books, and I love them all, Designing With Plants by Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury is the one I go back to again and again or inspiration. Seed starting tip, start seeds in unwashed eggshells with a hole poked in the bottom with a nail for drainage. When planting, crush the shell before setting in the soil. 🙂


  6. Mattenylou

    Just wante to add another go-to book… I’ve always loved Helen Van Pelt Wilson’s shade gardening books. She was from CT and I knew what she recommended would do well for me. I’m not sure if her books are still around, but I reread mine every Spring. I love any book that has a little map included of their property so I can really see how their yard all “fits together”.

  7. commonweeder

    Mattenylou – I am familiar with the name, but not her books. I’ll hve to look around. I love those garden maps too.

  8. Gary

    Happy 2nd Blogaversary Pat! I don’t have much for books of any kind but I did enjoy your piece on ‘Autumnal Leaves’ and the beach grove. When I used to garden, I had a favorite book. Rodale’s Organic Gardening Encyclopedia, I think it was called, was one book I used quite a bit!


  9. admin

    Frances – I missed thanking you for the seed starting tip. I’ve got lots of eggshells.
    Gary – I also use the Rodale Encyclopedia -regularly. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Mary Schier

    Congratulations, Pat! You do a great job of giving readers a sense of your community as well as your garden.

  11. Holly Ward

    I have a wonderful Library started with the books that my Facebbok friends have written. I would love to add yours to my new Books by Friends! It looks beautiful as I fully expected it would. Congratulations!

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