Surprises In The Woods

  • Post published:04/24/2024
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Wisty Rorabacher

I went to hear Wisty give us an amazing talk that let us know “There is a hidden treasure right here in Greenfield!” How could this be? I never knew that there were treasures around the Green River Swimming Area.

Trout Lilies – First on the Sign

In the past Wisty and her partner decided to take a 25-square-foot plot and chose a schedule to spend time cutting knotweed. The surprise was that there were still many native plants like ferns and jewelweed – and more. She said she was inspired, but there was more to do.

Good and Bad Plants

I only knew about some of the plants when Wisty gave a wonderful talk. I learned a small group  began to remove invasive plants with others who had learned about this spot.  They even learned, and told others, that in the winter woody plants like bittersweet were cut back. When spring came back they were ready to pull up herbaceous plants like knotweed, garlic mustard, dame’s rocket and more.


Wisty has been working, and others have joined. I’m glad to be joining the group on Saturday, April 27, at 10:30 – 1:00 pm. I do want to learn where and how to work in that area.

You can see Wisty’s My Turn column in the Greenfield Recorder by clicking here.

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  1. Sounds like a good effort to join. Good luck removing the invasives, and enjoy the wonderful native woodland plants!

  2. Sounds like a great effort to be involved in. Good luck removing the invasives, and enjoy the wonderful native woodland plants. (Sorry if this is a redundant comment, but my first one disappeared.)

  3. Pat

    Beth – My husband and I went back to start working seriously on those wicked plants, and we are now determined to work this area so that beauty can be returned. The ladies we work with are really wonderful.

  4. Pat

    Beth – Thanks, yet again. You are such a good friend. Some really nice things are coming up.

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