Giving Away Recipes from the Root Cellar

Storey Publishing is helping me celebrate my Third Blogoversary by giving me three books to give you starting with Recipes from the Root Cellar: 270 fresh ways to enjoy winter vegetables by Andrea Chesman.

I have been using my own copy of this book for the past month, making Festive and Fruity Coleslaw for Thanksgiving Dinner and Applesauce Crumb Cake for a weeknight dessert with friends.  I can tell you that coleslaw is really good with turkey and that all my friends loved the cake made with homemade applesauce.  Apples count as a winter ‘vegetable’ in this context.

I chose this book to giveaway first because December is a cooking month. There are so many meals to be shared with family and friends; this book will give you some new and easy treats, salads, vegetarian main courses,  vegetable dishes with seafood, and meat, and poultry AND desserts. Andrea Cheman has given us something for everyone around your table.

If you would like to win this book just leave a comment on this post – all week.  The Giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, December 11 and I’ll choose a winner at random from among the commenters on Sunday.

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  1. Carol

    This looks like a very interesting book! I don’t cook much but maybe this book could be the book that starts me cooking…

  2. Pat

    Carol – This is a great book and one of its virtues is that the recipes are not complicated and don’t require any girding of loins before starting.

  3. meemsnyc

    I love recipe books! This one looks awesome.

  4. Pat

    meemsnyc – It’s a keeper for sure.

  5. Kathy

    I am thrilled that you are offering this terrific book through your site. I coincides with my own realization that my ho-hum opinion about root vegetables was a direct result of not really knowing what to do with them. My mother just boiled them all, and I never explored further.

  6. Jean

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! Doesn’t time fly? Looks like a good book. This is indeed the season of cooking!

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    It is getting to that time of year when I look at my DB and ask Do you know what you want for dinner? He always says he doesn’t care. I could sure use some new inspiration.

  8. barbara

    I agree about December being a cooking month. My boys and hubby seem to hover and I get to enjoy some extended time with the ever busy teenage sons!

  9. Pat

    December is a great month for cooking. I always think the hardest part of cooking is thinking what to cook – and the best part is thinking about the pleasure I am rustling up for the family.

  10. Congratulations on your blogaversary! Three years in blog time is very well-established, may I say venerable, even?

  11. Tinky

    I would LOVE this book (please, fate, give it to me!). And I couldn’t agree more about December as a cooking month. Nothing smells more homey than a December kitchen.

  12. Barbara

    I am a New Englander at heart but have lived in Florida now for quite awhile and we are getting some New England weather this week today it was 29 today so I’m in the mood for cooking some goodies.

  13. janice

    Root celler cooking: soups soups soups; other ideas welcomed!

  14. Pat

    Lots of good cooks out there, probably all cooking white we wait for the drawing on Sunday.

  15. Sarah Laurence

    I’m always up for good cookbooks or rather my husband, who does most of our cooking, is. Please put me in the drawing. Happy Blogoversary!

  16. Rosemary Washington

    I’ve not seen this cookbook before, but it looks wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Rose

    Congratulations again on your blogaversary, Pat! This looks like a great recipe book–I still have some homemade applesauce in the freezer, and the Applesauce Crumb cake sounds yummy.

  18. Carolflowerhill

    My third wish for a Happy Blogoversary Pat! How great of Storey to celebrate with you! I will too! Many Happy Returns. Beautiful book cover!

  19. Ellen Sousa

    Oooh, I must have this book so please please pick me!! We don’t have a root cellar but the passageway between our garage and basement stays at a consistent 48-50 degrees through the winter so it works well to store potatoes, onions, apples, butternut squash etc. which keep us fed all winter with local produce. Would love some more recipe inspiration, this book sounds great.

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