Brilliant Autumnal Leaves – and Flowers

  • Post published:10/25/2022
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Brilliant leaves in autumn

After a dry summer the rains are falling – and we are enjoying the brilliance of autumn.

Red and Green leaves

I walked down our street and loved seeing all the different colors of the trees. I will not name the type of tree, but red and green sure do look great together.

Blown leaves

Not everyone has a great lawn expanse to cover the ground with shades of gold.

Alma Potschke aster

There are a few other colors in my garden this fall. Alma Potschke , a New England aster, is beautiful – and usually stands tall.

Sheffield daisies

I have loved Sheffield daisies, sheffies, for many years. They begin to bloom at the very end of August, and then bloom until late fall. This year the sheffies did not bloom until mid-October! I could see the pink buds, but no blossoms for a l o n g time.

Turtlehead flowers

Turtlehead flowers are properly named Chelone glabra.  The flowers are supposed to look like turtleheads, but it might take a little imagination.  I especially enjoy turtleheads because they love the water, and a great part of our garden is WET.


The buttonball bush is naked in the fall, but it had a white spiky look in the summer. It has made many bees happy during the summer. The buttonbush loves the water and grows quite large. I prune it so it is no more than five feet tall and very big around. My bush is living in a very wet spot, but this in this hot year it also lost those white spikes very early. Poor bees.

Firewood for the winter

As I enjoy all the fallen leaves I enjoy the thought that someone is going to have a cozy winter.

Pure gold

This is the end  of my stroll on Beech Street with the beautiful trees, including our own tall sycamore tree – which is still very green.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Beautiful, beautiful images of autumn color. My only wish is that it wasn’t so transitory and would last a little longer. We’re having a comfortable autumn, though, for the most part. Enjoy the beauty!

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