M is for Mirrors in the Garden in the A to Z Challenge

  • Post published:04/15/2016
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M is for Mirrors in the garden. A tour of Buffalo gardens a few years ago were filled with ideas that were new to me.

Mirrors in the Garden
Mirrors in the Garden

This mirror was one of several mirrors in the garden with lush plantings that were carefully pruned to keep the mirror mysteriously visible.

7-11-10 mirror and tiki

I was particularly taken with the function of this mirror in the garden, set as it was in back of a tiki lamp, acting to reflect firelight at an evening gathering.

Mirrors in the Garden
Mirrors in the Garden

It may have been the misting rain and the romance of this lush garden urban garden complete with pond and waterfall, but when I looked at this planting I was completely confused and disoriented about what I was looking at. I did not recognize the presence of a mirror that was throwing me off balance. It seems so much clearer to me in the photo than it did that rainy day in Buffalo.

I have two walls in my new garden. Will I find a place for mirrors?

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  1. Deborah Weber

    What a lovely idea. I have a tiny garden but you’ve certainly got me thinking about how I might incorporate a mirror or two. Fun!

  2. Pat

    Deborah – all the Buffalo gardens were quite small urban gardens and it was a delight to see how much beauty could be created in small spaces.

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