Color, Water, Mirrors, Shade – and a Dining Table for Pleasure

  • Post published:05/27/2020
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Blooming garden
Mid- May and the garden is beginning to bloom

On the 15th of May the garden is blooming with creeping blue phlox, Troillus, grape hyacinths, tiarella, barren strawberry and a single rhododendron blossom.

We love flowers but other elements can make a welcoming garden. There are useful items that can also be decorative and colorful.

Purple in the garden
Purple! A comfortable bench for catching one’s breath and a tiny fountain.

Water has long been known to be an important element in the garden. We only have a blue birdbath, but the birds make good use of it.

Water in the garden
This is a grand fountain, but there are other ways to have water in the garden.
This fountain has three splashing parts. Very simple

In my travels I have been fascinated to find mirrors in the garden.

In the shadowy depths of this garden an amphora is doubled.
Mirror giving a different view

A lovely garden begs for a place where one can sit and visit, or share a meal.

This Texas garden planted four trees, and brought out the table and chairs. Very simple.
Our new cafe umbrella invites us when we are alone, and when we want to  – and are able to in this pandemic year – to have a guest for a glass of wine.

What extra touches do you have in your garden?

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    That is a good point. The extra elements add personality and flair. I like mirrors in gardens, too. Hmmmm…now you have me thinking…

  2. Pat

    Beth – Did you notice the umbrella in the final photo. I think it has added a note of panache. And I like sitting out there in the shade. After I’m done weeding.

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