My Vermont Family

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Many years ago, in 1939, my Uncle Walter and his wife Aunt Ruth bought a farm. More accurately with the help of Grandpa Larson, they bought 300 acres of meadow along the beautiful Lake Champlain.  Wally and Ruth arranged to build a barn and other such necessities, and had five children.

My father, Tony, was a city man, with his wife Viola, and in 1942 Uncle Wally asked them to join them on the farm. I was only 2 years old but as a few years moved on I did enjoy, and remember, life on a farm. However my father did change his mind, and returned to NYC and I went to kindergarten.

But things changed again. My parents, along with me and my two brothers, returned to  the fields, and I returned to a 2 room schoolhouse. Three classes, 1-2-3 in one room with water jugs, and wood stoves to keep us warm in the winter. I don’t remember very well the kinds upstairs from 4-5-6. I was very happy, but my father was not. He moved back to NYC with Viola and my two baby brothers. I stayed until the end of the  school year. After that, we only visited which was wonderful.

Gathering and Chatting

We started gathering together every five years,  but COVID ruined the schedule but we are back in place.


I can’t name everyone but you can see there is a range in ages. Starting from my grandparents, Algot and Esther, there are now six generations!

Preparing for photos

We were all going to get our pictures taken, first by family branch.

Photograph of the Oldest. My two brothers are with me – and this picture shows my daughter taking charge of the photographing.

Lazing on Lake Champlain

The tent was mainly for our delicious lunch which brought everyone together. But before and after lunch people did wander down to the beach.  There were different ways of being out in the lake, and the people on shore spent a lot of skipping those smooth little rocks across the lake.

Magic Lake Champlain

There was no more to say that beautiful day.

This was a grouping, by chance, of some of my family – from various generations – and Cousin Carole and Tom. No matter the age, they all had a good time.

Rory and his new car

Here was young Rory he was really happy with his new car!

Here am I, the oldest person, and the youngest person.   I enjoyed that!


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  1. rkh950

    Enjoyed your “My Vermont Family”. Brings memories of the Peters Reunions we used to have in Heath, MA and then in Vermont. First one I remember was held in the town center I believe renting the Hall there as with 12 kids in the Peters family, it got to big to have at a house. My family moved out west while I was a youngster, so I did not attend any more for probably 50 years. I started going to ones that were held in Vermont at one of my cousin’s property and the last one I attended was in 2018 then covid put a stop to any more and since there has not been any. Age also has taken a toll with only one brother and 3 sisters remaining out of the 12. Now I can observe the changes taken place with me being the oldest of all the cousins at 76 years old. Living in TN for the past 32 years has kind of curtailed me from visiting like I would like to, but all in all, they bring fond memories. Always great being able to gather as a big family of many generations.

  2. betsyr19

    Great pictures, and a wonderful event, with some good history too!

  3. Pat

    Betsy – I’m glad you enjoyed the great pictures! And I liked the history I got with other Larsons.

  4. Nan

    Oh, I just loved this, especially the oldest and the youngest! What a wonderful, big family. So good to get together like that.

  5. Pat

    Nan – I loved both – Being the oldest (wow!) and getting to hold that beautiful baby. We were all so happy to get back to having our every five years celebration.

  6. Lani

    Loved the clouds over the lake….a lovely family gathering….Lani

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