Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 15, 2021 – Roses!

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Coral Drift Rose

The Coral Drift rose brought us into Garden Bloggers Bloom Day as one of the first bloomers in my garden. The weather has been alternately hot and very cool, very dry and very rainy, but Coral Drift endures – and will continue into the fall. This is a small rose, about  two and a half feet tall, but also plump and lush.

Brother Cadfael and Alchemist

I brought the Alchemist rose from Heath, as a reminder of those days, but she didn’t do well – at  first. Last year I moved her to this spot against a fence that gets lots of sun. She was slow, but is showing her vigor this year. The big pink bowl shaped roses, Brother Cadfael, are from the David Austin collection. Cadfael was also planted last year. I did not expect that they  would get so friendly, but Alchemist and Cadfael are getting along together very well.Zaide and Knockout Red in an embrace.

There has been a heavy rain but I think the reason for this embrace is that Zaide is a rose that throws herself into her neighbor’s branches. I will try to mend this problem. It has been suggested that it needs more pruning.

Folksinger and Thomas Affleck roses

Clearly I need to learn how to keep my roses in a proper height. Griffith Buck was a great rose creator and brought about hardy roses like Folksinger. There was some floppiness in this arrangement although Thomas Affleck had as much trouble standing firm as Folksinger. I must improve my pruning!

Quietness rose

Quietness is another Buck rose, delicate and lovely.

Purple Rain Kordes rose

Do not ask me why this is ‘Purple” Rain.

Polar Express Sunbelt may be a Kordes rose

This beautiful white rose may be a Kordes rose, but I have another white rose next to Thomas Affleck. That rose is not quite blooming yet, so I am waiting for the day, very soon, when I can compare the roses and see if I can find the proper name for both of them.  The reason I like Kordes roses, aside from their beauty, is that the Kordes people created disease resistant roses starting over thirty years ago to be hardy and healthy without using any insecticides.

Brothers Grimm Kordes rose

When the first buds appeared I was quite alarmed. The buds were deep shades of red  and gold. Fortunately they mellowed beautifully as the buds opened. I could not be happier with all these roses.

Old country rose

This rose with its small flowers and prickery stems was given to me  some years ago by a dear friend, and was brought to Greenfield when we moved. She is a country rose -sturdy and lovely.

Bird in Bath

This spring we have enjoyed lots of birds who  have come to take a bath, or a few sips, or to visit with other birds.  Don’t ask me what this bird is; I’d be happy if someone told me. The yellow twig dogwood around the birdbath gives them plenty of privacy when needed.

As always a big thank you to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens (

Carol knows about flowers and gardeners and the pleasures we can share.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your roses never cease to delight. The bird is a young robin. Happy GBBD.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – Thank you for visiting – and for identifying the bird. An adult robin visited the birdbath right after this one left.

  3. Beautiful roses! A wonderful collection!
    I thought the bird might be a young Robin, glad to see that Lisa at Greenbow confirms it.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  4. Pat

    Making choices of the plants for the garden is hard, but lots of fun.

  5. BJ Roche

    Pat, your wonderful rose walk afternoons up in the wilds of Heath were always a happy start to summer. I wondered, when you moved to Greenfield, whether and/or how you would turn an in-town backyard landscape into a rose garden, and I see that you have! As usual, you inspire.

  6. Pat

    BJ – You have to stop by to see the roses – and a few other flowers.

  7. Robin Leja

    Coral Drift is a real stunner! Wowza

  8. Pat

    Robin – Coral Drift is beautiful. I was disappointed that Paprika is no longer blooming. Two great landscape roses.

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