Rose Season Begins and a Plant Sale for Flower Lovers

  • Post published:05/26/2021
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Thomas Affleck Rose

Rose season has begun and  the energetic Thomas Affleck rose has begun his very long season of bloom. I can usually count on Thomas Affleck to offer me flowers into September. What strength and beauty he has.  I  will say that my Thomas is at least five feet tall.

‘Paprika’ rose

The Oso Easy ‘Paprika’ rose is one of the strong, long blooming roses. It is only about two feet  high with months of  bloom. The shades of ‘Paprika’ shift as they open and it will bloom into the fall. Notice the shiny foliage. I fell in love with this rose when I was shopping 5 years ago for our new house and garden.

Purington rose

The Purington rose is very special to me. It was a gift from the Purington family who live on a wonderful farm in the hills. It is a old rose and very prickery, but it will bloom and bloom – even though it looks delicate.

Rose season is just beginning. I think these roses are the earliest we have ever seen in our garden. You will see more as the season progresses.

Bistort – a peek into the quiet garden

Bistort (Bistorta bistortoides) is a native plant that the Native American used as food. The roots are edible either raw or fire-roasted with a flavor resembling chestnuts. The seeds can be dried and ground into flour and used to make bread.

Plants for Sale – Greenfield Garden Club, Mass.

This is not a lovely scene and I am hoping the Sheffies and Sanguisorba canadensis perk up a little more. I won’t even show you  the 6 foot daylilies, ‘altissima’,  right now, but I am sure once they take hold they will look great mid-summer.

The Greenfield Garden Club will hold its annual Plant Sale at the John Zon Community Center on Pleasant Street in Greenfield on Saturday, May 29 from 8:30 am and 12:30 pm. Perennials, Annuals, Herbs, Dahlias and more!  YOU MUST WEAR YOUR MASK!

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