Earth Day 2022 and I’m Going to Plant a Tree

  • Post published:04/22/2022
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Trees and Shrubs

Earth Day has arrived! People around the world are thinking  about how to protect our Earth which is suffering in many ways. Trees are very important to  our health. Planting them, caring for  them, will clean the air, and cool our neighborhoods.  There are more reasons for planting trees,  but today I am thinking about the way Greening Greenfield is helping our town, our neighborhood, by planting trees.

When we bought our house 6 years ago there were no trees in the back yard. Right away we made a raised bed (this backyard is VERY wet) and planted two River Birches – we needed trees that could enjoy the  rains.  We have planted other large shrubs – and  fortunately the house came with two trees in front of the house, A large sycamore grows on the hellstrip, and a lilac tree (and this is a TREE) with delicious fragrance in the spring.

A view of the giant sycamore the lilac tree

We have done what is possible around our house, although the backyard is filled with roses, flowers and some pretty large shrubs like the viburnums and the red, and yellow twig dogwoods.

In a few days we will be joining the Greening Greenfield crew (lots of people who know how important trees are) to celebrate Earth Day. We will be planting  redbud trees as  well as other kinds of tree on Allen Street.  We planted a beautiful redbud tree with  golden leaves in our garden, and are eager to plant more beautiful redbuds on Allen Street.

What will you be doing for our Earth?

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  1. Betsy Reilley

    In the book “Unbowed”planting trees was a very important movement t to improve the environment in Kenya, and beyond!

  2. Beth@PlantPostings

    Redbud trees! A good selection: We have one Redbud and have enjoyed it for more than 22 years now, since we moved in. And it was here before that! The springtime blooms are gorgeous, and it’s a nice small- to medium-sized tree.

  3. Pat

    Betsy – I found that book fascinating and very moving. We in Greenfield are doing our bit of tree planting!

  4. Pat

    Beth – I am so happy with our redbud. We can see it from the window of our dining room – and we can enjoy the tree (and other plants) three times a day.

  5. Kathryn O. Galbraith

    Would folks be interested in Arbor Day Square, the children’s picture book about folks in a prairie town planting trees in their small town? It won several awards.

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