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Dahlia Season on the Bridge of Flowers

When photographers ask me the best season for visiting the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, I say there is no Best Season. The joy of the Bridge is the ever changing and ever beautiful array of flowers from April through October. Right now, if you enter the Bridge on the Shelburne side, you will not only have the variety of color and texture on the Bridge, look up and you will see the glory of the hillside beyond in shades that seem ever more rich and brilliant as you watch.

Some people think dahlias are too splashy. Not me.

I think this dahlia is simply elegant.

The plantings are arranged do that every flower looks perfect with the flowers surrounding it.  This dahlia with the end of the garden phlox is just one example.

Somebody even threw a few dahlia blossoms in the fountain.  Dahlias are beautiful everywhere!

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