We Made a Garden by Margery Fish

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We Made a Garden by Margery Fish

I came across this book some time ago, but somehow I did not dig into it until now. We Made a Garden was first published in England in 1956.  Margery and Walter Fish both loved working in their new garden. They gave us quite a useful tale of how to put their garden together.

Work in the Garden

This book certainly has a tale about a beautiful British garden.  There is a list of titles – Making Paths, Planting, Staking, Composting, We Make Mistakes, The Water Garden, Rock Gardening, The Herb Garden and more. The flowers and arrangements  make their home beautiful.

Margery Fish is the main character and she had a lot to say. The English are very serious about their gardens.  I  visited England once when I was working at Greenfield Community College (many years ago).  Elsa Bakalar, who was born in England loved gardens. She was the leader of the travelers, taking us through the beautiful gardens. That was the only time I went to England but that trip, and Elsa’s own beautiful garden, gave me new ideas and pleasures in my garden.

The chapters in We Made A Garden are valuable to those of us who love our gardens. Like Margery I could go on and on. “A cousin when asked when he expected to finish his garden replied – “Never I hope.” And that, I think, applies to all true gardeners.”

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  1. Jeane

    I have read this one too! I remember liking it quite a bit, though I was somewhat annoyed at the husband’s overbearing opinions on garden design, overshadowing what the author wanted to do. Did you get the same impression?

  2. Pat

    Jeanne – I really liked the book, but I am with you about the overbearing husband. She must have a good mind to keep calm.
    It did have some good information though so I am happy.

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