Christmas is Coming Soon!

  • Post published:12/23/2023
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Cookies and Fruit

Christmas is very close and we have been busy, getting fruits –  apples and oranges – and making lots of different cookies like Cranberry, Apricot and Oatmeal cookies, and the last of four Pasticcini di Mandalora which makes soft almond cookies. (more…)

Journey to the West

  • Post published:12/16/2023
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Christmas Tree

I have adorned our Christmas tree for more than 50 years, and I have collected many of these ornaments. Over the years I collected lot of birds for the tree, and in 1989 my husband and I went to Bejing where I had a job. While there I learned about the Journey to the West.


The Joyous Season – Christmas Time

  • Post published:12/09/2023
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The crew for Meadowcrest Stables

This morning Henry and I went out to find our Christmas Tree.  Our trip was to Meadowcrest Stables – Christmas Tree Farm, not very far from our house. We met our crew who suggested we walk through the fields to see what we would like. (more…)

The Bridge of Flowers Will Sleep

  • Post published:11/25/2023
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Now Closed

The Bridge of Flowers always has to close up at  this time of the year, BUT next spring the Bridge will not be full of beautiful flowers. The problem is that the BRIDGE is in dire need of renovations. (more…)

The First Real Snowfall of the Winter

  • Post published:11/22/2023
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The First Snow

I was preparing to go to bed last night but my husband called me to the front door – and opened it to see the beautiful snow falling. This morning the skies are white – and so is the ground – and almost everything else. Tomorrow we are visiting our daughter’s family – and some of our other families. We’ll be waiting to see who else saw the snow today. And tomorrow? (more…)

lt’s All About Berries!

  • Post published:11/03/2023
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Birds in the Winterberries

We have four  winterberry  bushes. One of the bushes is the papa and doesn’t get any berries. Two of the winterberry bushes have beautiful red berries. Both of  those bushes are kept busy with birds visiting the berries, and I have to say, all the berries were gone in one day. A lot of birds enjoyed themselves tremendously. (more…)