Beautiful Hellebores Bring Beauty to Very Early Spring

  • Post published:03/19/2024
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A Pink Hellebore

Hellebores are amazing flowers, coming in different sizes and colors and shapes.  They begin to bloom very early, and don’t mind the cold at all. Light and dappled light is important. I used to worry about that but  now I don’t clear away all the dead tree leaves until the flowers are actually beginning to bloom.

A More Pink Hellebore

I try to supply good organic matter because I know they will begin to grow and bloom for a long period. It is important to lay a mulch of organic material to keep it from drying out.

Lush Hellebore
Hellebore in rich color and shape

There are other hellebores along the front of our tall fence and I know some of the plants are not quite as ready, but one treat is that these flowers bloom for a long time.

If you are thinking that you might like to have some of these hellebores, you can get some good information by These are beautiful flowers and you  will enjoy them for years.

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  1. Thom

    Oh how I wish you had more of your rich info ladened columns of old…….
    All the best,

  2. Beth@PlantPostings

    They are amazing, aren’t they? I used to worry more about them, too–about the cold and the Oak leaves suffocating them. I still do cover them when the temps get into the low 20s, but they probably don’t need it. And I rake off some of the Oak leaves, because I have other, smaller plants in the bed with them, too. Still, Hellebores are tough and beautiful. You have some lovely ones!

  3. Pat

    Beth – It was freezing last night and this morning the flowers are bending and trying to get back into warmer space, but I think it will pick up again – and some are still hiding in the leaves. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Pat

    Thom – I hope you are looking at my columns of old – there have been quite a few. Thanks for visiting!

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