Pulmonaria (or Lungwort) and Scillas

  • Post published:04/13/2023
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Pulmonaria – or Lungwort

Flowers are slowly blooming in our garden. This plant, Pulmonaria, had lots of leaves showing off, but overnight it bloomed and surprised me A happy surprise.  This plant prefers moist soil that is rich.  It might have bloomed today because we watered it last night. After the flowers bloom old leaves can be cut off and will be stimulated to create a fresh crop that will  be attractive all season. One important fact, it prefers shady locations, but my plants will get sun part of the day.

Scilla siberica

These tiny scillas, or Siberian squill, have stunning blue flowers that have been blooming for a while. In fact the number of plants  have increased ever since the first blossoms showed their faces three weeks ago. I had not realized that scillas self-propagate in the sun but I am certainly very happy to enjoy them.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Love the shade of blue these blooms have in common! The are both beautiful bloomers. Several of the plants blooming in my garden now are that color, too. Happy spring!

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