Bloom Day – April 2011

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The snowdrops that are still blooming at the End of the Road give you some hint of the weather here. Temperatures did get over 70 the other day, but this morning we are back to frost.

"Diane" witch hazel

This is not an impressive photo and neither is the plant, but I am just thrilled that it survived the arid Summer of 2010. I chose this particular witch hazel because I love the color of the twirly blossoms and because my oldest daughter is named Diane.

Daffodils in Whately

Nasami Farm, the nursery for the New England Wildflower Society opened yesterday and I drove down to be there for the opening bell. Nearly there I was stunned to see this bank of daffodils! And on the way home I suddenly saw daffodils in bloom everywhere. Even the Mystery Daffodils along Route 2 planted by the Secret Midnight Gardener have started to bloom. Obviously my mind was not on the roadsides as I drove along.

Van Sion daffodils

This morning I walked over the frosty lawn and saw that the Van Sion daffodils growing into the Buckland rose are just starting to bloom.  I suspect those Whately daffs might be Van Sion, too, but I didn’t get close enough to check.

We can all check the virtual garden party over at May Dreams Garden. Thank you, Carol, for hosting this wonderful event. I just looked back at April 2010 and the garden was further along, but with the first daffodils in bloom now I feel spring has safely arrived.

Addendum:  I always walk around and take photos for Bloom Day on the 14th so the record was accurate as of 8 am. However, look what blooms the sun brought out this afternoon.

Glory of the Snow

Years ago I put in a few Glory of the Snow bulbs, and scilla bulbs in the grass at the end of the Rose Walk. They have increased substantially. I never realized they came into bloom so rapidly.


I love scilla blue.  Now my own record for what is in bloom is complete.

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  1. Rebecca

    I love Witch Hazel, thanks for reminding me that I want to plant it this spring!

  2. Gail

    Pat, Is the wall paper on your blog the mud season in all its glory! Goodness…that is something else. I do love the witch hazels~They are a welcome treat in late winter. gail

  3. Rose

    Take heart, Pat; if the daffodils are beginning to bloom, spring is surely on its way to you, too! I am jealous of your snowdrops; I had maybe three tiny little blooms this year. After reading Gail’s comment about your wallpaper, I noticed it, too–mud season must be challenging!

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    It appears that sping is slowly coming in to your garden Pat. Love the little Witch Hazel. It is a fighter. It wants to grow in your Garden. Happy GBBD.

  5. Donna

    You are about on par with us here. 70’s to frost. You were in Buffalo last year, I was wondering if our seasons coincide normally. It seems we are always the late one to the ball.

  6. Angi

    Very interesting blog. I look forward to visiting again.

  7. Pat

    Gail and Rose – Yes the wallpaper is our muddy road, but it is almost dry now. I am always glad when mud season is over and we can all celebrate Bloom Day with spring optimism.

  8. Pat

    Donna – We are in the higher elevations, about 1700 feet so even in the next down, down at least 600 feet, they are routinely a bit earlier.
    Angi – I’m glad you found me. It is always good to have a new friend.
    Lisa – I am impressed with “Diane’s” strength. Both Dianes.

  9. Cara Hochhalter

    Hope springs eternal…thanks for the reminders!

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