Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2014


This Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is rainy, but I finally have blooms. Not many. Snowdrops are blooming in front of the house, and in the erstwhile orchard. I had hoped that I might have a few daffodils, buds at least, but it is not to be.

Van Sion daffodils
Van Sion daffodils

I saw these Van Sion Daffodils blooming down in Charlemont – 1000 feet lower than Heath – and checked my Van Sions, an old and very early daff, but I don’t even have buds. In previous years at this time I’ve had daffs, scillas and glory of the snow all blooming. It has been a long cold winter. I am happy for today’s warm rain.

Pussy Willows
Pussy Willows

Can I count pussy willows on this Bloom Day?

Carol over at May Dreams Gardens is hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day where you can see what else is blooming across the country. Join the fun.


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  1. PlantPostings

    Happy Bloom Day! Yes, I do think Pussy Willows should count, as well as all the lovely plants that are pregnant with buds. Sometimes I think the stage just before bud break is the most magical of all. It’s looking like we might turn the corner on winter next week … might! 😉

  2. goodtogrow

    Your spring is late because we weren’t quite done with it here in the Southwest. It’s on its way now!

  3. Denise Hammond

    You have blooms? I have snow. Even my daffs are only about two inches high, now buried.

  4. Rose

    Yes, pussy willows definitely count! We lost our pussy willow a couple of years ago, and I miss seeing those fat buds in early spring. It’s definitely been a late spring this year, but I do believe it’s coming.
    Thanks for your comment on my post–I forgot you also had a daughter living in Texas. I noticed the forecast last night was for cold temps there as well, so I emailed her and told her to cover the caladium, if she could, or else she’d probably lose it. Her reply: “What’s a caladium?” Obviously, she’s not really into gardening:)

  5. gardeninacity

    Sure you can count the pussy willows. Wish we had some.

  6. Kathy Sturr

    Oh, I love Pussy Willows! I would like to plant some in my garden but not sure where I will find room. It has been a long, difficult Winter – yesterday we did have snow but it didn’t stick thankfully and today is quite cold again. I wish you and us all Spring at last!

  7. Pat

    PlantPostings – Winter came back last night 2″ of snow. 20 degrees this am.
    Lee – Taking photos is one of the unexpected benefits of having a garden blog.
    Goodtogrow – Spring is taking its own sweet time. I you sure you haven’t corralled it?
    Denise – Two inches of snow here last night buried the little I had.
    Rose – Your daughter sounds like my daughter.
    Gardeninacity- Our pussy willow came from a friend who promised it would drink up all the water in a wet spot, but it didn’t. The pussy willow is very happy though.
    Kathy – Very difficult winter. I’m still waiting, again, for Spring at last.

  8. Hannah

    Sorry to hear of your cold spring weather, I hate that. I hope it warms up for you. Your Snowdrops look delightful, I just planted some last year so hope they make nice drifts eventually.

  9. Absolutely count those pussy willows Pat…it is grand to see spring showing up in your garden!

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