Bloom Day – September 2017


At the moment I am celebrating Garden Bloggers Bloom Day with a burst of heat – after rain storms and night temperatures that went down to 35 degrees. But many plants are hitting their stride, like this coreopsis – one of several.

Cardinal flowers
Cardinal flowers

It turns out the cardinal flowers I planted last year – are a different color than the cardinal flowers I planted this year. But no matter. My mentor, Elsa Bakalar, assured me all shades of red go together.

Perennial aageratum and veronica
Perennial ageratum and veronica

The perennial ageratum and veronica are carrying on an autumnal love affair with lots of hugs.

Firelight hydrangea
Firelight hydrangea

The Firelight hydrangea is also being embraced by a nameless white aster and the bright pink Alma Potchke aster who just started to bloom.


The honeysuckle clasps the fence in a tight hold while its bloom are entwined with  a few Grandpa Ott morning glories.

Japanese anemone
Japanese anemone

The Japanese anemone is less robust, but next year I think she’ll be more enthusiastic.

Neon sedum
Neon sedum

This “Neon” sedum attracts bees by the dozen.


These rudbeckias were given me by a neighbor in the spring. Next spring I am going to be looking for another neighbor who needs rudbeckia, loved by pollinators

Marigolds and nasturtiums
Marigolds and nasturtiums

This pot by my back door is a riot of color. Makes me so happy in my coming and going.

Click on over to May Dreams Gardens where Carol gives us a chance share our seasonal bloom. Thank you, Carol!

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  1. Pat

    Lea – Those colors are beyond autumnal. I love them too.

  2. Denise Hammond

    My coreopsis and my cardinal flowers did not appear this spring. I have to constantly pull out rudbeckia or it would just take over.

  3. Lisa Greenbow

    I am so envious of your cardinal flowers. I wouldn’t care what color of red they would be if they survived my garden. Happy GBBD.

  4. Pat

    Denise – my neighbor did not warn me about the rudbeckia until they were well settled in.

  5. Pat

    Lisa – The cardinal flowers are much more beautiful than I expected. I don’t care about the shade of red either.

  6. Indie

    Oh I love the darker red cardinal flowers! You don’t really see that darker red much! Similarly, a couple years ago I had a couple different blues of Great Blue Lobelia right next to each other in the garden. I much preferred that to half of them dying out, which is what they did last year, sadly. You have some lovely and cheerful blooms! I love the honeysuckle.

  7. Pat

    Indie – I want to try the Great Blue Lobelia. One of the reasons I love Bloom Day is because there are new plants to see and hear about – that might one day enrich my own garden. Happy GBBD.

  8. Karen

    So nice to meet you! I have never had much luck with the gorgeous coreopsis in your garden. I must try planting one again since you never know, probably the site wasn’t right. What a beautiful garden you have!

  9. Jeannie

    Night temperature of 35 degrees. Oh my. It is amazing anything is alive but they all look great.
    Thank you for sharing on GBBD.
    Jeannie @

  10. Oooo, wonderful! Your garden is still going strong! Cool enough to keep the plants lush, but not cold enough to kill them. We are hot and dry now, and many plants are drying up fast. 🙁

  11. Pat

    Beth – Yes, things have gone well, but I still look forward to every prediction of rain. Jose – are you coming our way?

  12. Pat

    Jeannie – In typical New England way – temperatures are up again, even at night, but things are going well. Lucky us.

  13. Pat

    Karen – I always say there are many mysteries in the garden. Who knows why one gardener has lovely roses, and another careful gardener has all her roses die before summer is out. Always worth another try.

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