Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October 15, 2017

The Fairy Rose
The Fairy rose

This Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day arrives during a very mild October. We have had a very few fold nights with temperatures going below 40 degrees, but the daytime temperatures still reach well into the 70’s and even over 80 degrees. It has been fairly dry except for a couple of welcome rain we got as hurriane Nate touched us for a couple of days.  The Fairy rose will stand in the the sprinkling of other rose blossoms, Folksinger, Peach Coral Drift, Purple Rain and Red Knockout.

joe pye weed
Joe pye weed

We still have a few good pollinator plants blooming and filled with the buzzing of the bees – of all sorts. The bees have had to bend down a bit because when we have had rain it has come down hard and many of my plants are bent over – but it doesn’t seem to matter very much, except that you might notice my plants langour in my photos.

Limelight hydrangea

The hydrangeas are doing very well, and  showing their interest in providing a living fence between my garden and my neighbor’s driveway.

Firelight hydrangea
Firelight hydrangea

We’ll run through the rest.

toad lilies
Toad lilies lying in the grass
Grandpa Ott
Grandpa Ott morning glory
Snake root
Snake root

Sheffield daisy
Sheffies – Sheffield daisy

The Sheffield daisy blooms very late in the fall.


The nasturtiums show up all over the garden because I used them as a kind of temporary ground cover.  I love them because they are so cheerful.

red winterberry
Red winterberry

Though winterberries aren’t blooming at this time of the year, I had to show off my red winterberry and

Gold winterberry
Gold winterberry

my gold winterberry.

I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day and making it possible to see the gardens in bloom all across our great land.

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  1. Lisa Greenbow

    Your garden plants look very healthy. Mine are all drought brown. ugh… Happy GBBD.

  2. Yenna Yi

    I am always envious of successful flower gardener. Thank you for your naming the flowers. Yenna

  3. Rose

    So nice to see your nasturtiums! I forgot to plant any this year:( We’ve finally had some decent rain the past two weeks; it’s been a very dry summer. Happy Bloom Day!

  4. Nasturtiums!
    Woe is me! I forgot to plant them this year!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  5. Denise

    It was so dry here this summer that even my sedums slacked off. The hydrangeas are the only thing in my garden that seemed not to mind. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  6. Pat

    Denise – In my youth I disdained hydrangeas, but they are tops on my list now.

  7. Pat

    Lea – I just love nasturtiums. The color is so cheerful.

  8. Pat

    Rose – I am so sorry for your dry summer. We haven’t had too many complaints about the weather here, and it is still so warm!

  9. Pat

    Yenna – I am so glad you came to visit. I hope you will enjoy the garden in every season.

  10. Joanna @ Gingham Gardens

    Love the winterberry and the firelight hydrangea. I’m going to add those to my want list.

  11. Andrea B. Agillon

    In your so lush plants photos i am trying to locate if there are butterflies, however didn’t find any. Did you observe them there? Sorry, but now i plant ornamentals with nectaring offer for the butterflies or hosts for their larvae. Hehe, new passion.

  12. Pat

    Joanna – I’m so glad you like the winterberry and the Firelight hydrangea. These have done so well for me and are not demanding.
    Andrea – I did have a couple of weeks when the monarchs were around, but I am not good at identifying other butterflies. They move too fast for my eyes to keep up. The garden does have the appetites and health of all pollinators in mind so I can hear the buzzin’ of the bees, but they are harder to photograph. Thanks for visiting . We will both continue to care for the butterflies and other pollinators that are so important to our environment.

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