Bloom Day – July 15, 2017

South Hellstrip
South hellstrip

On this July Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day in Massachusettss my blooms are quite spread out, although I am looking forward to clusters of blooming daylilies very soon. On our divided hellstrip we have several daylilies. I  got lucky in this section with congenial wine-y colors on the bee balm, daylily and echinacea. There are daylilies in several places in  the garden, but I can guarantee I don’t remember many of their names.

North hellstrip
North hellstrip

In between the South and North Hellstrips is a strip of grass – designed to allow people onto the walkway to the house  without trampling the flowers. A very wise and useful design element. Both flowery sides include some of the same plants, and all have survived winter snows, plows, salt, and dogs quite well.


The crocosmia was the big surprise. I planted bulbs from American Meadows last spring and it didn’t seem as though much had happened which I blamed on my own poor planting. I was in a hurry. I was sure, even if there was some life in the bulbs, it would have been done in by the winter – and yet here it is. I will take better care of it this winter with good mulching to protect it.

Firelight hydrangea

This Firelight hydrangea doesn’t look very fiery, but it is the first of my three hydrangeas to start blooming. Limelight and Angel Blush aren’t too far behind.


This honeysuckle, planted last year, is doing so well that I have been willing to prune it in the front, and I am a very nervous pruner.

Obedient plant  physostegia
Physostegia, obedient plant

Physostegia or obedient plant didn’t do much last year, but she has made a substantial clump this year.

The Fairy rose
The Fairy rose

The Fairy is the main rose at the moment although the red Knock Out has a few blooms. I do expect a second flush – or hope for that second flush – in August


My strategy for my new low maintenance, water tolerant, pollinator friendly garden has focused on large shrubs. This Buttonbush has more than tripled in size since it was planted in the summer of 2015. It is in  one of the wettest spots of the garden and is blissfully happy. Pollinators love the funny little flowers.

Other large shrubs include the three dogwoods, but they are no longer in bloom, but the two elderberry bushes are blooming. These blooms are not very exciting but the result will be berries for the birds, after the pollinators have done their work.

Other plants in bloom right now are: Veronica      Mountain mint    Blanket flower    Marguerite daisies    Blue Paradise phlox     Coreopsis.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens is the host of this wonderful – and useful meme. Click here and go see what else is blooming over our great land.

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  1. Lisa Greenbow

    You have plenty abloom in your garden Pat. I love the button bush. Those little bristly buttons fascinate me. This is one shrub I would like to plant. I don’t know if it would get enough moisture to become as full as yours. Happy GBBd.

  2. Lea

    Beautiful blooms!
    Love the Honeysuckle!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. judithharper

    Come by and see my beautiful lace cap hydrangea that is blooming for the first time since I moved it. It is blue surrounded by white flowers. So lovely!

  4. Pat

    Judith – I love lacecap hydrangeas. See you soon.

  5. Pat

    Lea – The honeysuckle is a great joy. I bought a second one and never noticed that it was a short variety. Oh, well, it is coming along. Focus,Pat! Focus!

  6. Pat

    Lisa – It is a wonderful shrub and I love those flowers. It does drink huge amounts!

  7. Andrea

    Though all those flowers are alien to us in the tropics, i find them very beautiful too. I love most those white honeysuckle.

  8. Pat

    Andrea – I will take honeysuckle in any color. I’m so glad to have this climber against my wall.

  9. Rose

    I love your hellstrip, Pat! Such a cheery, colorful welcome to visitors and anyone who walks by. Your Crocosmia looks great. Mine is blooming, too, the first time I’ve ever had luck with this plant. I had forgotten all about planting it, and before it bloomed, I thought it was an iris:)

  10. Pat

    Rose – The crocosmia was an amazement – and a recent visitor, a real expert gardener was impressed. I was so pleased.

  11. Martha

    I live in Northern Franklin County, MA, and my crocosmia is also blooming spectacularly. It was also a a big surprise to me. I had planted it a few years ago, and last year it didn’t bloom at all. I had given up on it and neglected it, so I was thrilled to see it blooming so prolifically.

  12. Pat

    Martha – I love these happy and mysterious surprises.

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