Daylilies on Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – July 15, 2018

Bloom Day on the hellstrip
Bloom Day on the hellstrip

The hellstrip has been ready for Bloom Day for a while. Astilbe is ready to finish, but the Achillea, yarrow, coneflowers and daylilies have just begun their bloom days. Daylilies are the major stars right now.

double daylily
Double daylily

The week of days in the high 90s have not  bothered the daylilies one bit. Daylilies are used to heat, and dryness. I do have a list of my daylilies but I never seem to get the name and the flower attached to each other. Here are a few of my daylilies.

Lavender daylily
Lavender daylily
pale yellow day lily
Pale yellow daylily


Bee Balm
Bee Balm

In addition to all the daylilies, bee balm, a wonderful pollinator plant is in full bloom.

Button Bush
Button Bush

You wouldn’t think bees and other pollinators  would find the button bush of interest, but this is one of their favorite eating places.

To see what else is in bloom all across our great land visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens.  Thank you, Carol!

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your beautiful button bush reminds me of why I want one so desperately. I am afraid I don’t have the place with enough moisture to make is grow as yours does. I love seeing it covered with bugs in the wild. I am so happy people are learning to cherish this native that gives so much.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – It is a beautiful bush in every way – color, flowers, size and steadfastness.

  3. Pretty Lilies, and I love the Bee Balm!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  4. Pat

    Lea – My bee balm is going out of its mind! It is so tall this year.

  5. Dee

    Hi Pat! I saw your article on daylilies and linked to it on the blog this morning. Your double orange daylily is H. fulva Kwanso. It’s unique in the daylily world for many reasons although many daylily aficionados don’t like it because of its spreading nature. I have it in my garden by accident, but I’m starting to like it where it’s naturalized. It is a tall drink of water for sure, and great in a hell strip. Happy Bloom Day and thanks for the shoutout!!

  6. Arun Goyal

    All blooms are great…I have same orange daylily in bloom in my garden…liked the button bush its unique

  7. Jeannie

    I love your hell-strip and wish more people would plant flowers in them. It would make driving around town more interesting. I also have some of the orange double daylily and oh, is it aggressive! I don’t fret because I keep it under control by eating it (sauteed in a bit of butter is best).


  8. Pat

    Jeannie – I’m happy to say that I am not the only one who enjoys flower gardening on the hellstrip. There are a number of such gardens in my neighborhood. That double daylily is a strong grower, but I haven’t found it invasive. I haven’t found it delicious either. I’ve tried sauteed daylilies, but I find them bitter. Alas.

  9. Jeannie

    Pat, the double orange Kwanso has moved all through my garden (southern middle Tennessee, USA). I think it is dropping seeds because daylily clumps will suddenly have an orange bloom. I know I haven’t transplanted it in the middle of the bunch. I have to mark it with a string then dig it out in the fall. If I don’t dig it out, it will spread through the whole bunch.

    As for the flavor, I know this sounds crazy but different colors have different flavors, according to my family. I can’t taste the difference but they say the lighter the color, the milder the flavor. I use them when I stir fry mostly.


  10. Rose

    Your hellstrip looks fantastic, Pat! I have become a daylily addict, and like you, I try to remember all their names, but after awhile it becomes impossible. They’re lovely even if they don’t have names.

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