Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2015

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Angel Blush Hydrangea
Angel Blush Hydrangea

On this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I am celebrating blooms in two gardens, although I dearly hope it will not be too long before I am once again tending a single, small garden. In Greenfield the hydrangeas in the Shrub and Rose border are beginning to bloom even though they were planted only a month ago. Angel Blush is joined by Limelight and Firelight. These hydrangeas will form a beautiful privacy fence.

Button Bush

Buttonbush was only planted two weeks ago, but once in the very wet ground it finally burst into bloom. It has been waiting in its pot for over a month.

Thomas Affleck rose
Thomas Affleck rose

In Heath the Thomas Affleck rose continues to endure the rain, and all the other oddities of this year’s weather. Needless to say, another Thomas Affleck has been planted in Greenfield, but not permitted to bloom this year.

Purington rambler
Purington rambler

It has not been a great year for many of the rose bushes, but the Purington rambler hasn’t minded the bitter winter, or the undependable spring and summer. I wish someone could tell me how to properly weed such a vicious plant. I suppose putting it up on a fence might help instead of letting it tumble on the Rose bank.

The Fairy rose
The Fairy rose

Only a very few rose blossoms elsewhere in the garden, but I can always count on the Fairy even though she is a bit more petite this year.

Achillea Terra Cotta
Achillea Terra Cotta and yellow loossestrife

I am taking bits of the the various Achilleas and the old yellow loosestrife down to the new Greenfield garden.


The coneflowers are blooming in front of the pink cosmos which you can’t see, but they are very pretty together.

Daylily bank
Daylily Bank

Daylilies never mind any kind of difficult weather and this is their season.


Some of these daylilies are making their way down to the Greenfield garden.

Mothlight hydrangea
Mothlight hydrangea

The Mothlight hydrangea in Heath is about 12 years old and has never been so exuberant. Will the Greenfield hydrangeas look like this? Limelight and Pinky Winky are also just coming into bloom.

I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day which gives us all a chance to share our gardens, and see what is blooming all over this great land. Click here for more blooms.

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  1. Lea

    Lovely! Lovely!
    Recently I saw Buttonbush growing wild beside a pond. Evidently they do need a lot of water.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  2. Pat

    Lea – It’s a good thing it likes water. The day after we planted it there were torrential rains and the yard was submerged in nearly a foot of water.

  3. thesalemgarden

    What a year of great transition for you Pat! Both gardens look beautiful!

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I don’t envy you trying to take care of two gardens. It looks like both are blooming up a storm.

  5. Daylilies are almost indestructible. They are in full bloom here in upstate New York and I fall in love with them more and more each year. So many of us are flooding out – we’ve been getting flash floods in our area, too.

  6. Pat

    salem garden – Things are looking pretty good, but what a reminder about how long it takes for a garden to really take shape.
    Lisa – The ultimate goal, of course, is to have only one smaller garden!
    Alana – I have noticed that gardeners are using the full palette of daylilies. So many colors, and all of them beautiful and indestructible.

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