Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May 2015

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old apple tree in bloom
Old apple tree in bloom

It has been a  while since I have been able to post on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, but May has brought many blooms to the end of the road. Old apple trees and wild cherries  are blooming in the garden , along the road and in the fields.

Apple blossom closeup
Apple blossom closeup

Blooming trees are wonderful, and each blossom is a delight.

Sargent Crab
Sargent crabapple

The Sargent crabapple could not fit any more blossoms on itself.

Sargent crab apple blossoms
Sargent crab blossoms

Didn’t I tell you no more blossoms could fit on a branch?

Cotoneaster in bloom
Cotoneaster in bloom

I never get over my initial surprise that cotoneaster bears flowers!

Ornamental plum blooming
Ornamental plum blooming

How is it possible that I never noticed blossoms on this ornamental plum?  Could this year be the first time? The tree has to be at least 15 years old in this spot.


Sometimes bluets appear in the fields, or the lawn. These bluets seem almost white

Epimedium sulphureum
Epimedium sulphureum

This clump of Epimedium sulphureum has increased so much. So has Epimedium rubrum on the other side of this lawn bed.

Daffodils, Waldsteinia and tiarlla
Daffodils, Waldsteinia and tiarella

My idea was to get rid of grass, and this area on the road side of the Peony Bed is coming along. Waldsteinia or barren strawberry is a native groundcover that has little yellow strawberry-like flowers.  This isn’t a good photo but in the upper portion of the photo, up against the peonies is a growing section of tiarella. The white blossoms are so foamy that they don’t show up in a photo – even from this little distance.


Not a great photo, but these are great old white lilacs that have been at the end of the road since long before we arrived. There are old lilac lilacs, too, but we have added pink Miss Canada and Pocahontas, the white Miss Ellen Willmott and the Beauty of Moscow. I just this moment noticed that these are all ladies.

Dandelions and violets
Dandelions and violets

There are other bloomers: the forsythia is going by; grape hyacinths in the lawn here and  there; a pot of sunny pansies; and of course, that common weed, the dandelion blooming in the lawn with violets and ground ivy. My own springtime flowery mead.

Carol, I am glad to be posting on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day once again. Thank you so much for hosting over at May Dreams Gardens. New dreams are coming true this May.

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  1. Lea

    I love to see trees blooming!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  2. Our crabapples (our entire neighborhood is lined with them) came and went so quickly here in upstate New York, I hardly knew they were there before they were gone. It was just too hot. But they were so lovely while it lasted. Nice to see yours; it added to my spring.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    Plants are really rocking and blooming in your garden. I love the way the blooms envelop the stems. Have you found a new place to garden yet? Happy GBBD.

  4. Rose

    Glad to see that spring has fully arrived in your garden, Pat! It was a great year here for crabapples, too, but I think your Sargent crabapple takes the prize for the most blooms. It’s such a beautiful time of year–enjoy!

  5. Jean

    I love all your flowering trees. I also have some clumps of bluets that are white, without a hint of blue that I can see.

  6. I also love coming by to see all your flowering trees Pat! Just beautiful!

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