Only Two for Bloom Day


Early this morning, after yesterday’s rain, the sun began to break through the autumn mist. The grass is still lush, but all bloom has fled from the garden, except

for a single pot of verbena blooming in front of the house on this Bloom Day.  And indoors 

only the ever faithful abutilon is blooming.  Still, the Thanksgiving cactus is heavily budded and it may bloom right on schedule.

For many more Bloom Day treats visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens and see how floriferous the blogging world is, even in November.

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  1. Rose

    Your blooms may be few, Pat, but that first photo is gorgeous! What a beautiful scene to greet you in the morning!

  2. Nan Ondra

    What a beautiful shot of this morning’s mist, Pat. And hey, it’s great that you have two different blooms to share. Isn’t it neat how much more special individual flowers are when there are just a few of them?

  3. Xan

    That photo of the valley in the mist is amazing. I would give anything to be able to get up in the morning and see a vista like that instead of the same rusted out beater that has been abandoned in front of my mid-city house for nearly a year. Thanks for a little brain-lift this morning.

  4. Sweet Bay

    What a beautiful picture of the mist rising off the hills!

  5. Mattenylou

    That is a gorgeous photo, what a spot of heaven you have!

  6. admin

    Rose – That beautiful photo was taken by my husband when I sat down to write the post. I took the other two pix.
    Nan – I do appreciate any blooms at this time of the year.
    Xan – The view from our house is amazing. I never cease to appreciate it. I love NYC, but the view out our window was less than inspiring 30 years ago!
    Sweet Bay – My husband gets all the credit for that photo.
    Mattenylou – We agree that we have a spot of heaven. In every season.
    Crafty – Thanks for this info. I did not know and I will try and find out what is going on too.

  7. Carol

    I love your first morning mist photo… you have a lovely view up there Pat.

  8. admin

    Carol, I’m so glad you got to see our beautiful landscape. It hardly matters what the flowers are doing.

  9. Verbena is such a trooper, and such a great color too. I’m impressed by the Abuliton, but then I’m lucky to have a houseplant survive a year, much less bloom again.

  10. admin

    MMD – The verbena was a last minute addition. It will be first on my list next year.

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