Bloom Day – Everywhere

The Christmas cactus is blooming right on time! However, there isn’t much else in flower right now. The Thanksgiving cactus bloom has gone by and the abutilon has a couple of puny blossoms, but not photo worthy because there are so many different kinds of blooms to show this Bloom Day.

We visited daughter Betsy and her family this weekend. Her orchids are blooming. She says she regularly gets them to rebloom. She is not known for having a green thumb, but she and the orchids get along fine.

After admiring the orchid it was time to decorate the Christmas tree. This is a walk down memory lane because Betsy and the boys have stories to tell about all the ornaments they have made over the years. It is a joy to see the family blooming with health and happiness.

The weekend was full of celebrations. A surprise birthday party for Suzy (in red) on Saturday night. Fortunately someone had made sure that the martinis and olives were on hand. The evening bloomed with friendship and joy.

And in this season we celebrate the birth of Christ. The Charlemont Federated Church put on a Living Nativity. The Holy Family looks pretty happy. They must have made it to Egypt already.

But the Flight to Egypt was not easy. It began in a stable.  It might not have been quite so cold in Bethlehem as in a Charlemont snowfall, but we are reminded that in these modern days there are still many families struggling, and many children who are cold and hungry.

Happily, we could all celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, and our community with hot drinks and snacks in the warm church. Our community blooms with fellowship.

Can you believe we attended another surprise birthday party? Val (in gold), at 80, continues to serve the town as asssessor and in many other volunteer capacities. Camraderie was blooming at the Community Hall – just as planned.

We also celebrated the new snowfall by trudging out to our snowbreak to cut down a balsam for our Christmas tree. It will be blooming with ornaments. Very soon.

To enjoy more blooms across the county join our host, Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

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  1. Dan

    What a nice christmas cactus.

  2. admin

    Dan – I’m very proud of that plant, alhtough I can’t say it took much skill. I’ve got a junior sister coming along too. It is budded but not blooming.

  3. chuck b.

    Martinis, olives, and Christmas trees. Sounds like my kind of scene.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have a Christmas cactus right now.

  4. linda

    Hi Pat, your Christmas cactus is so beautiful and healthy-looking! I killed one last year, (probably overwatered it, or maybe I needed to add some sand to the soil,) but fortunately I was able to save some sections and root them. No blooms this year though.

    Looks like your holiday festivities are in full swing. Such warm, wonderful family and community times you’re enjoying!

  5. Rose

    These are the best blooms indeed, Pat! You’re very fortunate to have such a tightknit community. I grew up in much the same type of community; whenever someone had a problem, everyone was there to lend a hand. Looks like you have really gotten into the true Christmas spirit!

    By the way, the book and cowpots arrived a few days ago–I just realized I forgot to e-mail you. Thanks so much–both of them will be put to good use!

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    Hows about a Christmas Cactus actually blooming during Christmas season. Good work. It is a beauty. It looks like you are enjoying your family too. Cheers and Happy GBBD.

  7. Tinky

    Pat, you’re a blooming marvel…….

  8. admin

    Chuck – The scene is just about perfect. It’s true.
    Linda – We are fortunate to be just where we are – to paraphrase a song – in the hills of love and delight.
    Rose – I’m glad everything arrived safely.
    Lisa – Enjoyment every day!
    Tinky – Kind words. Always a gift.

  9. Carol

    I love your last photograph Pat and all the family and community shots too. The village living creche is precious!! Good to mention all those who are suffering at this time. Happy Holidays to you! Carol

  10. Joy

    Hello there CW ! Thank you for stopping by my blog with your good wishes ! I survived the dental surgery and I am almost normal again ? LOL Well .. that would be a miracle, but hey it is almost Christmas ? : )
    Great pictures of a wonderful bunch of happy people having a great time here !

  11. Corner Garden Sue

    I’m glad I came back to read your bloom day post. I love your Christmas cactus. It looks like your are enjoying the season we celebrate the birth of Christ with family and friends.

    Not many of my family members are Christians, so they don’t have the same experience of the holiday as I do.

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