An Early Bloom Day – before hard frost

  • Post published:11/06/2017
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Sheffield daisies
Sheffield daisies

Will my garden be blooming on November 15. the official Garden Bloggers Bloom Day? Maybe not. Therefore, I went around the garden today taking photos of the flowers blooming this very unusually warm November day. We have yet to have a hard frost although some plants were bitten and succumbed. This is what’s left on this gloomy day with a temperature of 50 degrees at 4 in the afternoon

Knockout red rose
Knockout red rose still budding
Thomas Affleck rose
Thomas Affleck rose in a languorous pose
Limelight hydrangea
” one of three hydrangeas blooming
Annual nasturtium still sending out new blossoms
Butterfly Argyanthemum frutescens
Proven Winner Butterfly still blooming
Toad lilies – Tricyrtis
Red winterberry
Winterberry – holiday color if not a bloom
English holly
English holly right by the front steps

Daylight savings left, Eastern Standard time arrived and so did the 5 o’clock dark. But winter is not here yet so I celebrate this bloom day.

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  1. Lisa Greenbow

    Your garden looks plum floriferous for this time of year.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – It is cold this morning, but still not frosty. What an amazing fall.

  3. Yenna Yi

    Thank you for the reminder that we do have flowers around for many months of the year.

  4. Rose

    I’m happy you were able to enjoy these blooms for so long! We were hit by a frost before you–I think a week before Bloom Day my blooms gave up for the season.

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