Hardy Roses on Deck – Ready for Planting

  • Post published:05/03/2012
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Rose delivery from Antique Rose Emporium

My daughter’s Christmas present arrived today, Folksinger and Winter Sunset are Griffith Buck hardy rose hybrids, and Mrs. Anthony Waterer is a rugosa. Daughter Kate lives in Texas, where the Antique Rose Emporium also lives. It never ceases to amaze me that roses can be propogated in one climate, but still be hardy in climates like mine. The hardiness is in the genes.

I have bought roses from the Antique Rose Emporium before. These container grown roses are carefully packed and shipped and arrive in good shape. From now on it is up to me.

Folksinger and Winter Sunset, the Buck hybrids, are both in the yellow/orange range. Both are fragrant repeat bloomers. Most of my roses are in the pink range, but I have been trying to add yellow roses. I do have the very hardy Harrison’s Yellow with its prickly spiny canes, and Ghislaine de Feligonde that are both doing very well. I added others last year, but it is still not clear whether they came through our mild, but dry winter. Wait for further reports.

Mrs. Anthony Waterer is a hybrid rugosa with fragrant deep crimson blossoms. Rugosas do very well here in Heath. I can always count on the rugosas. Where on the Rose Walk will she go?

We are still enjoying showers so planting will have to wait, but that gives me extra time to figure out the best place for them. Somehow I am never definite about The Where until I have plants in hand.

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  1. Flaneur

    Double-take: I thought you were planning a garden party, Pat! Those three pink wrapped pots were read by me as three round tables for four or six, set on the deck and festooned with rather large green “arrangements”. Having just returned from a weekend-long wedding I was prepped for just such a sight. And now… I am somewhat disappointed that the photograph was simply of newly arrived plants. But there’s gardening to be done, and there will be plenty of time, and better weather, for what I mistook to be your early May soirée dans le jardin! Thank you, Pat.

  2. Lisa

    What fun to have a new group of hardy roses to plant!

    I would really like to visit the Antique Rose Emporium one day (I grew up in Austin, so it isn’t that far away, if I’m back visiting my Dad and his wife).

  3. Pat

    Flaneur – Garden parties will come, but the Antique Rose Emporium packing does give a preview.
    Lisa – I wish I lived near the ARE.

  4. Cindy, MCOK

    I live close enough to ARE to visit regularly but just don’t make the time as often as I’d like. Just knowing it’s there makes me happy, though!

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