Annual Gardening Books Reprise, With One Addition

  • Post published:01/03/2023
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The New Pie – Modern Techniques

The New Pie  (Clarkson Potter $26.99) has nothing to do with the garden, except that we gardeners are always pleased to have a sweet pie and a cup of tea in the afternoon. Although, some of us may have apple trees or other fruits in our gardens.   This New Pie provides Modern Techniques for the Classic American Dessert. (more…)

Christmas Tree Delight of Memories

  • Post published:12/20/2022
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This ornament of 1940 was a notice that war was about  to begin.

When we put up our tree and hang up the ornaments, I am carried back to the reasons we put those ornaments on the tree.  My mother loved putting up her ornaments, and was always adding more. She had so many more that she gave ornaments to me and my brothers – and she could buy more. I love this Red, White and Blue ornament that my mother, and then I, have been hanging the red, white and blue since 1940!  It is hanging in front of one of the many birds that I have hung on the tree over the years. (more…)

What Do European Ginger and Grape Hyacinths Have in Common?

  • Post published:12/10/2022
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European ginger

The year after we planted our first river birch I planted a small container with European ginger. This is not the knotty kind of ginger that you will find at the grocery store. Its proper name is Asarum europaeum.  They are commonly referred to as wild gingers (they are not culinary gingers) but are so-called because their rhizomes have a similar spicy scent. It has not increased rapidly under the river birch, but it spreads nicely every year.  It is happy to spend its life in  the shade. (more…)

Beautiful Surprise – Hellebore!

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While raking leaves  yesterday I was stunned and surprised. My row of hellebores was covered by leaves from our sycamore and I had  only seen a few of  the hellebores big green leaves that are still showing off. As I cleared some of the leaves I saw a bit of white – small white buds were beginning to open.  It was only this hellebore that was preparing  to bloom. I am not sure of its name, but I think it is Ivory Prince. (more…)

Dessert Night -Then Feast Day

  • Post published:11/28/2022
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Betsy (near the refrigerator) and me prepping.

This Thanksgiving day was a wonderful event. Henry and I got all the children together! We see them all often – except for Kate down in Texas, but we see her via ZOOM often. And when we see our ‘children’ we often get to see their children, although we have to remember that their children are starting to have children. And beyond that Granddaughter Tracy has given us two Great-granddaughters! What a world!


Shrubs and Flowers As Winter Whispers

  • Post published:11/14/2022
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Autumn means falling leaves, but there are some shrubs like Fothergilla that show brilliant faces before there is heavy frost. It truly is glorious when the late afternoon sun is shining on the leaves. This particular plant is Fothergilla major which is Fothergilla large, between 6-12 feet.  But there is more to  Fothergilla than a brilliant color. (more…)

Hard Cider, Sweet Cider and other treats

  • Post published:11/11/2022
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Clarkdale apples

Clarkdale is the first fruit farm we ever went to, but you will also get to visit the Apex farm, and the West County Cider house here. First we tried to make choices of apples for us at Clarkdale. Very difficult. They have 40 types of apples, but they have pears, peaches (yum), nectarines and plums.  We enjoy these many flavors, but on Cider Days we get to see how cider is made. (more…)

Franklin County Cider Days – Join the Fun!

  • Post published:11/03/2022
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There is nothing like Cider Days! The Apples are ripe! The fruit has many flavors and there are many many ways to eat, drink and cook apples. There is lots to show off at the orchards, lots to see, and lots to learn. I will mention that favorite Orchards of mine are the Apex Orchards, Clarkdale Fruit Farms and West County Cider. (more…)