My Twelfth Blogaversary – December 6, 2019.

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On my 12th Blogaversay I am enjoying our first snowfall of 2019

I did not note my first Blogaversary in 2008 but we were rather caught up  with an amazing storm.

In 2009 I celebrated with a giveaway

In 2010 I visited Buffalo for their Garden Walk which was fabulous and chronicled here.  That tour was the first of others I was to take organized by the Garden Bloggers. However  I was  again too busy to note  my blogaversary

It doesn’t look like much, especially in December, but the chickens were happy, and so were we. Eggs! Even in December.

2011 was a floriferous year with garden tours and rose blooms every where. Here is a taste. But in December of 2011 it was the skies that held my attention.   

In 2012 I finally decided I had some real to celebrate, a Fifth Blogaversary. I spent a few paragraphs thinking about the past.  I regret to say the book giveaway no longer exists.  The big event of the summer is always the Heath Fair. Lots of vegetables and flowers. Books, too.

No more blogaversary celebrations in 2013, but my husband is painting again. This camellia is once of his gifts for me.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in June is always special. In December of 2014 we were very busy enjoying what we thought might be our last Christmas in Heath.

In December of 2015 we were newly ensconced in a new (to us) house in Greenfield that came with a completely barren backyard.  In this 8th Blogaversary I had books to give away.  Send me a note and you can still get a copy of The Roses as the End of the Road, the tale of my life in roses.

September 30, 2016 and the beds have been enlarged again. No more work this year.

We had another great Garden Bloggers Tour, this time in Minneapolis and environs. What a tour. What beauty we saw. What conversations we had!  On our 9th Blogaversary in 2016 we celebrated the work  of our first full year in Greenfield. The photo above shows all we had done during our first full year. Our children helped and we all had a good time. Don’t forget, the backyard was a blank slate.

In 2017 I looked back at 10 years of blogging, thinking of all the wonderful people I had met and learned from and all the fun Henry and I have had in the garden.  The photo is of  a Christmas snowfall in Heath, a reminder of all the joys we have shared in western Massachusetts since 1979.

My 11th blogaversary came at the end of a wet year. This photo is from early November 2017. I want to mention a highlight of 2018 – the Garden Bloggers Tour in Texas with lots of very different gardens. The post that goes with this photo and others is a stroll down the delights of having a blog.

I wonder at all the events and pleasures I will enjoy as I think of my 13th Blogaversary next year.  A big year. My garden is going to be on the Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour in summer of 2020!

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Oh, this was fun! Congratulations on your blogaversary and on being selected for the tour! I hope you’ll be able to join us in Wisconsin for the 2020 Fling!

  2. Pat

    Beth – So good to hear from you. Happily we have two big trips planned for 2020, so I think I will not be able to go to the 2020 Fling. Guatemala and Alaska await.

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