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  • Post published:07/10/2010
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'Mystic Desire' dahlia

We started off at the Erie Basin Trial Gardens for the All America Selections (AAS).  The AAS helps gardeners by rating seed varieties so they can find some of  the best flowers and vegetables to plant from seed.  We all loved this brilliant red dahlia.

Yellow orchids at the Buffalo & Erie Cty Botanical Gardens

Then it was off to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens which has a fabulous glass conservatory, modeled after the one in Kew Gardens in England.  This building opened in 1900. The Orchid House is only one of several specialty areas including an eipiphyte pavillion, a fern house and a desert  house.

Cyndy from Gardening Asylum

Then we had to shop!  Off to Lockwood’s Greenhouse. Cyndy of Gardening Asylum was glassy eyed and wilting by the time she finished. I bought a solar lantern for the garden.

Mary Ann who writes the Gardens of the Wild West, Boise to be precise, has a lot to say about how we have been spending our days. Check her out!

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  1. Cyndy

    Oh dear – glassy eyed but quite happy with the lovely plants I get to take home! It was great meeting you and all the other bloggers at this spectacular event!

  2. Alan

    Looks like true love to me.:-)

  3. Ramble on Rose

    Looks like fun! So sorry to be missing it!

  4. Looks like you had a great time, I hope you are going to write some more posts about this trip.

  5. Darla

    What a great time!

  6. It’s funny, the only day I felt wilted was Thursday, when it was 92F. Seeing all those fabulous gardens, and talking about plants with like-minded people such as yourself was very invigorating. It was wonderful to finally meet you.

  7. Blackswampgirl Kim

    Oooh… I had an immediate desire for ‘Mystic Desire’ once I saw that first photo! I have a feeling that I would have been in trouble at Buffalo… it would probably have left me as googly-eyed in love with a few more plants as Cyndy appears to be! 🙂

  8. gardengeri

    Wishing I could have been there; with y’all in spirit.

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