Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 15, 2021 – Roses!

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The Coral Drift rose brought us into Garden Bloggers Bloom Day as one of the first bloomers in my garden. The weather has been alternately hot and very cool, very dry and very rainy, but Coral Drift endures - and will continue into the fall. This is a small rose, about  two and a half feet tall, but also plump and lush. I brought the Alchemist rose from Heath, as a reminder of those days, but she didn't…

The Healing Garden – Herbs for Health and Wellness

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Healing Gardens. Ever since humans walked this earth, they fell and cut themselves, or felt so sick they couldn't get out of their beds. It did not take long for humans to try and find ways to repair those cuts  and find something to drink or eat that would make them feel better. Over thousands of centuries we searched for ways to cure our ailments and problems. Nowadays we have doctors and nurses and hospitals with all kinds…

June is Bustin’ Out All Over – With Roses in Every Shade

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June is bustin'  out all over with roses and surprises. In my Heath garden the roses did not start blooming until mid June. But today several roses are blooming, and their are lots of buds ready to open. The Carefree Beauty Rose was a Griffith Buck rose developed at the Iowa State University. It is just one of the many roses he developed to be hardy and long blooming. Folksinger, another Buck rose in  a tender bronze shade.…

Herbal Houseplants: Grow beautiful herbs – indoors for flavor and fun

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It is always nice  to have a little herb garden by the kitchen door, but I had never thought about caring for Herbal Houseplants  ($24.99 Cool Springs Press) that  would work in the kitchen - and in the living room. Susan Betz has given us a handsome little  book that opens new worlds of the herbs that  will grow indoors, and that will also show us how  to use fragrant herbs like patchouli and lavender, or just have…

Rose Season Begins and a Plant Sale for Flower Lovers

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Rose season has begun and  the energetic Thomas Affleck rose has begun his very long season of bloom. I can usually count on Thomas Affleck to offer me flowers into September. What strength and beauty he has.  I  will say that my Thomas is at least five feet tall. The Oso Easy 'Paprika' rose is one of the strong, long blooming roses. It is only about two feet  high with months of  bloom. The shades of 'Paprika' shift…

How To .Grow Your Own Food and Herbs – in Containers

  • Post published:05/22/2021
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Angela S. Judd has just given me - and you - the great gift of useful information about How to Grow  Your Own Food in an Illustrated Beginner's Guide to Container Gardening. (Adams media $20.) This bright and colorful book begins with basic information about growing food in containers, the principles and benefits for success. Most of us will know that it is important to consider the amount of adequate light and temperature plants need. Information about the…

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May 15, 2021

On this Bloom Day I wanted to give you an idea of the garden, with its spring blooms. I have a clump of small blue irises (don't ask me which type) The beautiful 'Goldheart' bleeding heart, a peek at the last of the grape hyacinths on  the other side of the bed,  the low growing bistort next to the fothergilla and the blue of an energetic creeping phlox groundcover. Epimediums are wonderful plants. I have several epimediums that…

Mother’s Day – Time to Make Your Own Bouquet

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Mother's Day arrives and daughters and sons often choose flowers as a gift. You can buy roses and other beautiful flowers at the florist. Or, we gardeners could walk through our spring gardeners and choose bright and sunny flowers and make a unique bouquet. The wood poppy is also known as the celandine poppy that will bloom now and into June. The 18 inch plant will be covered with sunny golden blossoms and will be sure to to…

Phenology – The Science to Help You Plant Your Garden

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Phenology is the science dealing with the relationship between climate and the recurrent natural events in relation to seasonal climatic changes. That may sound difficult to understand, but those who watch for the arrival of migrating birds, or the opening of flower buds are studying phenology. Centuries ago the Chinese did not know about the science of phenolgy but they did understand that spring was recognized by plants before the farmers did. Eventually farmers around the world learned…

Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook – All Natural Solutions

  • Post published:04/30/2021
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The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook by Susan Mulvihill (Cool Springs Press $26.99) is a book that will be useful to experienced as well as beginners in the garden. First there is information about the whys and hows of organic gardening. The brief beginning reminds us that that it is vital to pay attention to the needs of the soil including the needed organic fertilizers for healthy growth of your plants. The dangers of herbicides and insecticides are clearly…