Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May 15, 2019


I am celebrating Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day with special pleasure because the blooms have been reluctant to open because of rain, floods and the cold.  Above is Dicentra eximia or fringed leaf bleeding heart. This grows against the house foundation right by the side door and is one of the first to bloom. I am  sure this is because the foundation on the south side of the house creates a heat sink.  It is very cheering this cold wet spring.

Grape hyacinths
Grape hyacinths in front of European ginger and Goldheart Bleeding Heart

The grape hyacinths had me all confused when the lush greenery arrived through the snow. The grape hyacinths were a wonderful surprise. I bought the Goldheart Bleeding Heart behind them at last year’s Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale and I hope to find a white bleeding heart at the BOF sale this Saturday, May 18, up in Shelburne Falls. My husband is coming with me and he will be stationed at a white bleeding heart, if there should be one, when the bell opening the sale rings.

Solomon's Seal
Solomon’s seal

I bought Solomon’s seal at the Bridge of Flowers sale too, but I had to move it early this spring and it is not looking as  fine as it did – but it will.

Doronicum or Leopard’s Bane

This Doronicum or Leopard’s Bane was left over when the BOF sale closed a couple of years ago and it continues, but it might need more sun.  Not the little forget-me-nots near-by. Also from the sale. It  could use more sun too. I always have Bloom Day in mind at Plant Sale time.

Some of the Daffodils in front of the house are still blooming
The epimediums still have some flowers, but the rains have hidden them under the leaves.
Barren Strawberry
But the blooms on the barren strawberry, Waldsteinia, were blasted by the cold.
The Fothergilla is the only shrub blooming right now,
Korean Spice bush
however, the Korean Spice bush blossoms will open and perfume the air if we get a little sun.
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder survived last summer’s and this spring’s flood,. I did relocate it to a better spot.
This geum also suffered the floods, but endured.
Foam Flower
Tiarella here and there
wood poppies
Wood poppies are happy on the Hugel. They don’t mind some shade. They are ‘strong spreaders.’
These tiny irises were a gift. Any ideas what kind?
I remember planting this ground cover last summer, but the flowers this spring surprised me. Andy ideas what it is?

That is a very full Bloom Day report. I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for creating this event and letting us see what is blooming all over our great land.

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  1. Layanee

    Pat, it is so good to see all of your blooms. The Dicentra eximia is a special favorite of mine and while not as showy as the common bleeding heart, it always looks good through the seasons. If you want a white bleeding heart, come for a visit as I have many and would be happy to share with you. Happy Bloom Day.

  2. We have had a lot of rain here, too, this Spring.
    Your flowers are very pretty! Sorry I cannot help with IDs.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. Dee

    Looking good there Pat. I have fallen in love with epimediums because of Layanee. I now anxiously await their blooms in early spring here in Oklahoma You’re right about your Solomon’s seal. It will be glorious again and quickly too. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  4. Pat

    Dee – I just love epimediums – and I think I’ve found a new spot for some – at the base of our sidewalk sycamore. If there is enough soil.

  5. Arun Goyal

    Pretty Daffodils,I had hard luck growing grape hyacinth this year or maybe the weather not supported the blooms.
    Happy Blooms day.

  6. Pat

    Layanee – I’d love to come and see your bleeding hearts – but most especially YOU!
    Lea – It is such a joy to see these flowers now that our cold spring is warming up.

  7. Pat

    Arun Goyal – I was surprised – and delighted – that my grape hyacinths did so well. I planted them last year and forgot about them.

  8. Beth@PlantPostings

    Interesting–you are ahead of me with some things and my garden is ahead on others. I’m sure–as you say–that microclimates have a lot to do with it. Spring is here–yay! Beautiful blooms, Pat!

  9. Yenna

    I corrected some names of flowers after reading your blog. I must have the Korean Spice bush. Where can I get it?

  10. Pat

    Yenna – I think we bought the Korean spice bush – a wonderful shrub – from a nursery that is no longer in business. You could call local nurseries – Hadley Garden Center, and Wanczyk in Northampton on Rt 9. Wanczyk is a pretty big operation so they might have it. 584-3709. Give a call.

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