Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – April 15, 2020

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Daffodils on Bloom Day

Never have I seen the garden begin to show itself in so many bits and starts. Over the past two weeks we have had warm days and cold days, and rainy days that transform the garden into a swamp. But I am so excited at what I have. I put daffodils here and there, in front of  the house and in the main garden. Through no planning of my own they have different bloom times so there are surprises every few days.

Primroses on Bloom Day

Somehow only the white primroses have come through this past winter. I will have to add colors.

Snowdrops on Bloom Day

The snowdrops have been slow in waking up and blooming, but here they are.

Grape hyacinths
Grape hyacinths on Bloom Day

The grape hyacinths were showing tiny tiny nubs of color on Sunday, Monday it poured all day, and yesterday I could see more  color, and this is what I see today. I can almost watch them grow.

Fringed bleeding heart
Fringed bleeding heart on Bloom Day.

The fringed bleeding heart grows up against the southern house foundation. It blooms for quite a long time. I’ll have to make a note of just how long this year.


This isn’t a great photo of the Pieris shrub growing in front of the house. It has been blooming for almost two weeks. This shrub was here at the house when we bought it, and it is still not in great shape. I learned how important it is to deadhead all these flower clusters, a tedious job, because if you don’t deadhead, there are fewer flowers the following year and the dead and brown clusters are left, chastising me for poor care. I’ll do better this year.

Peony shoots
Peony shoots

In addition to the Bloom Day blooms there are flower shoots everywhere. Some plants are substantial, like boltonia and Jacob’s ladder and  the daylilies, some are just barely poking up their heads, but they are telling me they are racing each other to see who will bloom next.

I thank Carol over at for giving us the ability to visit other gardens around the country – and the world and giving us the chance to share our own garden.

Double bloodroot
Double Bloodroot on Bloom Day

This is a PS for Bloom Day. This Double Bloodroot opened its blossoms later in the day. And see – another bud is push up through soil and  wood chips. This has been a wonderful Bloom Day for us.

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  1. I am intrigued by your fringed bleeding heart. We have something that looks just like this but it has yellow flowers. I don’t think we ever planted it; it just showed up. It’s done well in our part shade back yard but isn’t blooming yet. As for our primroses – only the red and yellow ones are blooming for us, and it’s my least favorite one. I’ll trade you your white one….(only kidding).

  2. I find it fascinating how different geographic regions can be and schedules can be different from year to year. Your snowdrops are blooming at the same time as your bleeding hearts. My snowdrops are done, but my bleeding hearts aren’t quite as far along as yours. In all other ways, our gardens seem to be at just about the same stage right now. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. Pat

    Alana – I’m never sure whether things just show up in my garden, or that I forgot I planted it. The white primrose is lovely, but I confess that I bought yellow and red primroses yesterday. I do like the variety. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Pat

    Beth – I am always surprised to see how things are growing and blooming across the country. I am beginning to think each individual garden has its own individual climate. I think the heat of the stone foundation influences the fringed bleeding hearts quite a lot.

  5. Lea

    Beautiful signs of Spring!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Have a blessed day!

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