Snowdrops and Grape Hyacinths for Encouragement

  • Post published:04/23/2020
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Grape Hyacinths
Snow drops  and Grape Hyacinths are doubling

The bed of grape hyacinths doubled, and now  they are growing right before my eyes. The growth was a great and lovely surprise.

Snow drops
Snow drops and grape hyacinths are both so happy to be increasing

These snow drops lived up to their name and shone through a snowfall.  Just a small snowfall, but still.


Don’t ask me to discuss nomenclature of daffodils and jonquils. I am just enjoying groups of these sunny flowers that I rather carelessly planted here and there. Lucky for me they are coming into bloom at different times. The snowdrops and grape hyacinths give their all at once.

Pieris japonica in front of the house

Pieris Japonica is a seven foot shrub in front of our house. It loves the shade and starts to bloom early in April.  It would be blooming even more if I had managed to prune of spent flowers in  late summer. It  is a tedious job, and my arms get so sore reaching up to clip the spent blossoms. I should mention it is wonderfully fragrant.  I promise to do better this year.

Snowdrops and grape hyacinths, daffodils and pieris – all are encouraging me to believe that soon I will be surrounded by flowers.  How is your garden doing?

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  1. Oh yes, it is encouraging, isn’t it? I agree–the daffodils really cheer me up, and they’re lasting so long this year because of our cool, slow spring.

  2. Pat

    Beth – This morning we have a gentle rain. This is very nice because yesterday I planted 3 hellebores in a new bed and transplanted some epimediums and astilbe from crowded clumps to keep them company. It looks quite nice.

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