Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – March 15, 2020

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Bloom Day
Bloom Day begins with crocus

Bloom Day here in western Massachusetts has been creeping in. The temperature this morning, as many mornings was 40 degrees with temperatures sometimes rising into the 50s.

These tiny yellow crocuses have been in bloom for over a month. Some days are sunny, some are cloudy. Some days are cold and some are unexpectedly warm. These little flowers surprise all the dog walkers who regularly walk past our house. I wish I knew their name. I should explain all that gravel in the lawn. That is what happens when shovelling snow when the muddy driveway is embellished with nice pea stone.

Purple crocus tommies
Purple crocus

These tiny purple crocus, tommasinianus, took longer to bloom, but they are beginning to wake up. My neighbor who has a sunnier yard has a large blanket of purple crocuses. I think I planted other crocus varieties, but no sign of them yet.

Fringed bleeding hearts
Fringed bleeding hearts

No other blooms on this Bloom Day, but these fringed bleeding hearts are making themselves known. They grow in a sunny spot up against our house foundation.

The temperature this morning, as many mornings, was 40 degrees with bright sun. It is time to finally start cleaning up the garden. I raked the leaves in front of the house and saw stalwart daffodil shoots. Underneath those leaves I found a few green leaves on the epimediums.  I am celebrating Bloom Day with new energy, and thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

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