Unexpected Guest

  • Post published:06/25/2008
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The peahen has visited in years past. We don’t know where she spends most of her time – especially during the winter, but we occasionally get excited phone calls from other people who wake up to find her in their yard. Sometimes these calls are just to share exotic news, and sometimes from people who wonder if we have added pea fowl to our chicken flock. She is a mystery.

This year she has been sticking around for a prolonged visit. She is quite tame. Henry feeds her from his hand every evening and yesterday she kept me company while I weeded the herb garden. She nibbled the parsley while I weeded the mint. The showers have continued so I am behind on the weeding and mowing. Maybe if the Garden Club has the peahen to marvel at they’ll overlook the less than perfect garden maintenance.

It is amazing to me that the weeds and grass continue growing in the rain, but the roses and other plants go into suspended animation. Another mystery.

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