Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 15, 2019

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Rose viewing from the dining room table, Purple Rain, Thomas Affleck, Folksinger

After long wet and cold months we may finally celebrate the arrival of official spring on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day here in Greenfield, Massachusetts. All of a sudden the budded roses burst into bloom, and before the weekend is over I think even more roses will be blooming.

Paprika landscape rose
Oso Easy Paprika landscape rose

Paprika is  one of the two low growing landscape roses in the garden. Peach Drift is the other. Both were eager to welcome the spring.

siberian iris
White siberian iris

Siberian irises are blooming here and there in the garden. They are among the water tolerant plants that we count on. Now for a walk through the garden.

Mountain laurel
Mountain Laurel beginning to bloom. May Apples and barren strawberry are no longer in  bloom
Japanese primroses
Japanese primroses are a little hard to see under the Norway spruce and behind ferns, but they love that swamp.
Goatsbeard at the back of the hugel reaches for sun, and hides a runaway Japanese primrose.
One of two honeysuckles are blooming and climbing.

I love Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day and Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for inventing this wonderful way of seeing what is in bloom across our great nation.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Oh Pat, you have chosen your plants well for your wet garden. I have tried primroses so many places in my garden and not one have survived. Now I know why. Much too dry here. I have also tried the goatsbeard, no grow here. It is fun to see the diversity of your plants. Your roses are stunning. Of course I knew you would find a place for roses. Happy GBBD.

  2. Lea

    Beautiful blooms! I especially like the Roses.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. Arun Goyal

    Pleasent roses and beautiful honeysuckle in backyard …what else life wants…HAPPY BLOOMS DAY.

  4. Pat Leuchtman

    Lisa – I am sorry your primroses did not survive. Water is the answer and I have plenty! Right now we are trying to raise the soil level a little. But it will still be wet. The roses have the only dry spot and unfortunately it is not a large area.

  5. Pat Leuchtman

    Lea – I am very happy with these roses – and eager to see the other three come into bloom.

  6. yennayi

    Reading blog was a global tour from Siberia to Japan.

  7. Ray

    I can almost smell your gorgeous roses in the first photo. I am not familiar with the low growing landscape roses, and will need to look into them if they are not as high maintenance as the other types.

  8. Pat

    Ray – the landscape roses should not be difficult to find. Their low maintenance makes them very popular. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Pat

    Yenna – Everyone – all over the world – love gardens!

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