First Bloom Day of 2011


And naturally I have the ever dependable abutilon or parlor maple in bloom.  Can you see how many buds are coming along?

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is almost gone by. But not quite.

This year I am forcing a lot of bulbs. I haven’t done much of this before and my timing seems to be off. These are mostly miniature daffodills I think.  I know that is what is in the rectangular pot, at least. I have pots and pots of bulbs that are finally sending up shoots, apricot tulips, bright red tulips, more miniature daffs and grape hyacinths. I just love Brent and Becky and Old House Gardens!

This is the mystery pot. The tag says narcissus conspicuous and refers to the fine foliage, but I don’t know what the other bulbs are. I guess I just stuck them in this pot because they were left over and a little room was left over in the pot. So much for considered design.  Will they be blooming by the next Bloom Day?

Thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day and letting us all share what is going on – or not – in our gardens every month.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your christmas cactus was loaded with blooms. You have lots of promise in all those bulbs too. Happy GBBD.

  2. Donna

    You are going to have a pretty show of blooms soon. I too have bulbs I am forcing, but maybe will have them ready for next GBBD. Same with my orchids. Four of them are getting fat buds. February will be bulbilicious for us both. Happy GBBD.

  3. Cat

    The abutilon is always so reliable in my garden too! I’ve been amazed at the extremes in weather it can handle. Lovely bulbs – look forward to seeing them in February!

  4. Darla

    I can’t believe my Abutilon is in the garden and still green, no blooms, but green! Good luck with your bulbs.

  5. Kate

    Hello and Happy Bloom Day!
    Loved seeing that cute little collection of forced bulbs. They add such great cheer during the depths of winter. I love Old House Gardens, too. Such a great company.

  6. Gail

    Pat, I have to confess that although, I never forget to water outdoor containers, I neglect indoor plants and even bulbs I try to force~So come January there’s only a viola or too to share from this Middle South gardener while, you Northern gardeners are brimming over with blooms! Happy Bloom Day and congrats on the prolific abutilon. gail

  7. Gayle Madwin

    Your Abutilon looks like it’s gearing up for spring already!

  8. It will be so interesting to see what you get from all the little bulbs Pat. I’m excited for you. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  9. Jean

    Oh, I do wish I’d potted some bulbs up, now that I see yours! They’ll be so much fun when they start blooming.

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