The View from the Bedroom Window

  • Post published:02/12/2014
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View from the bedroom window 2-9-14

This view from the bedroom window, taken on Sunday has not changed much in the last few days. Temperatures have stayed very cold;  minus 2 degrees this morning. Occasional snow showers and the frigid temperatures have kept the snow pristine and amazingly sparkly. Big storm predicted for tomorrow. We’ll be prepared, but we’ll see.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I hope the storm isn’t as bad as they predict. Your view is gorgeous. Stay warm.

  2. Rose

    I haven’t stopped by in awhile, Pat, and it looks like the view from your bedroom window hasn’t changed much:) Hope the storm isn’t as bad as predicted. We’re in for a little snow tomorrow, but next week it’s supposed to get into the 40’s–I may dig out my summer clothes!

  3. Pat

    Lisa – The storm continues this morning, but it is so quiet! No wind damage. So far.
    Rose – The view doesn’t change too much. Hard to gauge the depth of the snow from the window. This is really my attempt at a record of the weather over a year.

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