Microgreens with Dinner Tonight!

  • Post published:02/13/2014
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I planted these microgreens on February 2 and tonight I am harvesting them for our supper. Nothing could be simpler. Put seed starting mix in a container, press it down slightly, scatter your seeds which can be a mix from a company like Botanical Interests which I used, or seeds of any greens you have on hand – asian greens, radishes, beets etc. – and in two weeks or  so you will have a harvestable crop. In addition, microgreens are super nutritious!  I am sprinkling mine on my lettuce for a real boost.

The peas I planted are taking longer, but I should be able to harvest them in another week or so. I have three more little flats of microgreens coming along, and more pea shoots too. It’s February and I’m gardening!

Pea Shoots

This photo was taken 2-14, Valentine’s Day. Not quite ready for dinner.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a fun thing to do.

  2. Pat

    Kylee – My whole little flat, harvested with a scissors didn’t add much flavor to my salad, but think of all that nutrition.
    Lisa – Fun – and healthy!

  3. I have had this on the to do list but with being sick I just had no energy. So this reminds me to get busy now!!

  4. Pat

    Donna – fortunantely microgreens take very little energy.

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