Snow and Ice – And Snow Again

  • Post published:01/19/2011
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Yellow Birch

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  1. Rose

    Yes, we have it, too, with more snow on the way tonight. It makes for a great photo of your birch tree, but somehow I don’t have the enthusiasm for trekking outside and taking photos of the ice and snow that I did in December:)

  2. Pat

    Rose – I only had to take a step out onto our Welcoming Platform to take this photo. It is a beautiful tree and I have photographed it in many seasons. I’m saving my strength for trekking out to the henhouse.

  3. Two Barking Dogs

    wonderful photo … but seriously, I’m getting tired of chipping and shoveling .. and we haven’t even had it nearly as bad as we did last winter (here in No. Va.)

    Happy WW

  4. Pat

    TBD – I am surprised at how far the snow goes. We have months more to look forward to. One of our biggest storms was on April 2!

  5. meemsnyc

    That’s what it looks like here!!

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    We are having much the same here. Tis winter after all. Even my neighbor is out shoveling the drive today. She doesn’t do that very often. We have ours shoveled. It feels good to get that little chore accomplished. Of course it is still snowing. It might all be for naught.

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