Ice and Snow and Fog – January

  • Post published:01/29/2012
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Cottage Ornee

The view from my bedroom window on January 27, 2012.

White Birch and Green Conifers

Ice is heavy.

Iced branches

And to think I was planning to collect forsythia branches to force today.

Yellow Birch

View from the Welcoming Platform. I have photographed this tree in every season and every weather. It is always beautiful.

Snowy stream 1-25-12

Temperatures hover at 32 degrees and the stream keeps flowing.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    You could do a series of photos to hang on your wall of the Yellow Birch. It would be beautiful. Spring, summer, fall, winter.

  2. wall decals

    How beautiful of these pics!! It’s really a white world!! This winter, it didn’t snow heavily here, so it’s really pity for me!!I love the snowy winter always!! So you’re so lucky to see the white world!! Really beutiful!!!

  3. Pat

    WD – We did enjoy the crystal world while we had it, but it is ephemeral – as are all pleasures. Fortunately new pleasures will take their place.

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