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Bloom Day September 15, 2013

Alma Potchke aster

It has been quite a summer! Rain all through June. Drought all through July. And a very dry August, so you can imagine how I welcome the 2 inches of rain last week. The garden has been thirsty most of the season so some plants have really suffered, but bloom will entirely be denied.  Alma Potchke has just begun to bloom

Neon sedum

Right next to Alma Potchke is this sedum which I think is Neon.  It doesn’t look that bright, but I like it, and it hasn’t minded the variable weather. Hot. Cold. Dry. Wet.


This spring I planted a flat of the tiniest lisianthus seedlings. It is only this month that I have gotten any blooms. This is a real ‘florist’s flower’ and it is beautiful, but I think it needs a little more cosseting than I tend to give my plants. You can see there is a remnant of a phlox next to it, and remnants of phlox appear in a ragged way throughout the garden.

Japanese anemone

This is the second year for this Japanese anemone. The clump is larger, but very short this year. I think maybe due to so much dry weather.


In the Herb Bed there is a small tangle of cosmos blooming with Grandpa Ott morning glory and fighting with the horseradish which I thought I had totally dug out.



I stuck some extra acidanthra bulbs in the Herb Bed next to the bee balm. They do not show to best advantage here. That’s what happens when you’ve run out of time and thought in the spring. The acidanthra does not seem insulted however.

Thomas Affleck

The ever dependable Thomas Affleck rose continues to bloom at the end of the Herb Bed. There are occasional blooms on Buck roses, Hawkeye Belle and Folksinger, but this not rose season at the end of the road.

There are a few zinnias and gomphrena down in the vegetable garden, the hydrangeas look great and I am glad to note that the season is not over.

I am a day late, but still glad to join in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


7 comments to Bloom Day September 15, 2013

  • Lea

    Very pretty garden flowers for Bloom Day!
    I love the Sedum.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  • We had just the opposite here. Rain, rain, and more rain. I’ve been mowing what little bit of lawn I have every four days. Never had any luck here with anemone. Yours are lovely.

  • Love the Sedum and Japanese Anemone.Your roses are beautiful. You still have quite a bit blooming…

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sally @ A New England Flowerbed

  • I’m getting very jealous of all the Japanese anemones I’m seeing from you northern gardeners! 🙂 It sounds like we’ve had similar weather – rain through June, off and on in July, and then nothing since then. It is as dry as can be now. Oh! And your sedum – love it!

  • We have had much the same kind of summer; everything looked beautiful through mid-July, but it’s struggling to stay alive now. Your sedum definitely looks neon to me–lovely! And I’m so jealous of your Japanese anemone; I’m still waiting to see any blooms on mine.

  • You have a lot of beauties still blooming! Pink seems to be the theme color this month–in so many lovely shades! That ‘Thomas Affleck’ Rose is so pretty!

  • Stunning Sept blooms especially the color of that aster!!

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